• 【[Sinoc&BLOCK GLOBAL·Global Meetup] First stop was Held in Bangkok, Thailand. Wei Wu who is the Founder of Sinoc first mentions PoTS Consensus】Sinoc Asia aims to popularize more people's understanding of Sinoc. The first stop of the Asian Meetup was held in Bangkok, Thailand and it was co-hosted by BLOCK GLOBAL and Beecast. The local media, community and investment institutions in Thailand participated in the event. Wei Wu the founder of Sinoc presented the Proof of Traffic-measured Storage at the meetup, which was widely recognized by the Thailand blockchain industry. Sinoc Asia's first stop - Thailand meetup, has already deployed 2P computing power in Thailand, adding a foundation for Sinoc's global distributed storage system. While doing a good job at the bottom of technology, Sinoc began to build global nodes. In the following days, Sinoc Asia event will be held in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Jakarta and the next Ho Chi Minh meetup will be held on 26th Aug, 2019.
    3days ago
  • 【Congratulations to the world's only launched project, RMC firstly listed on the ACDEX exchange!】The only launched project RMC in the world which has its own comics, animations, games, and movies is ready to go! The coin may rise at a hundred times, a thousand times.... The biggest mistake in 2019 is that you missed RMC! Welcome to Douyin, Kuaishou to search for the full-network search series "War of the Thousand Islands" to start your chase journey!
    7days ago
  • 【Beecast news flash】1.Indonesian used car platform BeliMobilGue received $30 million. 2.Indonesian e-commerce operation company Jet Commerce expands its business to China and the Philippines. 3.Singapore's state-owned investment company Temasek spent $72.3 million to acquire network security company D'Crypt. 4.Singapore's digital marketing agency Hashmeta acquired the fashion market ShopperBoard Pte Ltd. 5.Grab collaborates with Vietnamese budget airline Vietjet and local aviation service startup Swift247. 6.Vietnam proptech startup propzy plans to raise $2,500 in pre-B financing.
    8days ago
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