GoldenSand Capital and BitTribe Lab welcome each other as Strategic Investor and Business Partner in the BitTribe Cyberspace
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Hong Kong, 22nd March 2019 – BitTribe Lab Hong Kong Limited, the lead operating entity of the BitTribe Cyberspace, and GoldenSand Capital Limited, are pleased to jointly announce and also welcome each other as strategic investor and business partner in the BitTribe Cyberspace.

BitTribe Cyberspace is a new innovative, global cyberspace going beyond Internet. The BitTribe Vision is to build the next generation Cryptobank for the next generation Extended Intelligence (EI) human being. It follows tightly with Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin system and vision to create a new P2P physical layer network, and a distributed encrypted personal storage and computing platform. It starts from a person to a building, extending to a tribe and then a city. It’s self-evolving. All these originates from a small unit and eventually all the edges are connected and chained up, finally forming a non-stop World Computer that everyone can own and access physically from anywhere.

3 Fundamental steps in building the BitTribe Cyberspace:

· Following Bitcoin system: It’s real open, completely decentralize with no one leading and controlling the system. Participants join with full selfishness to maximize their interests, but yet this can help to build strong consensus on such a “cold-start” and irrevocably can go life-long forever;

· Upward Extended Layer on Bitcoin: Running on Lightening network to support scalability; Revamping Bitcoin as the stable utility token; Having autonomous Digital “Tribe” Bank to facilitate decentralized financing and payment;

· Downward Embedded Layer on Bitcoin: Using native Blockchain and “Hacking” Technologies to build decentralized, secured Blockchain native P2P mesh network with personal storage and computing capabilities, enabling the building of the real, non-stop world computer        

“Being the industry veteran in the Internet and Networking space for the last 30 years, I have shared the vision and also have strong consensus with Professor Tim Berners Lee’s view (the father of Internet who created the WWW) that the long-tail effect of the Internet is dead. The centralized network and data processing reduces the incentives for individuals and small entities to join the network and enjoy the economic benefits from the net. And this needs to be re-oriented back to its original vision – that is, going back to the decentralized stage by rebuilding the new individual, but not enterprise driven ecosystem, all starting from the decentralized personal network and storage”, said Gen Tao, Chief Architect Evangelist, BitTribe Lab  

“We welcome wireless spectrum, submarine cable owners & other network resources owners, including Telco / IDC, satellite operators; hardware vendors on networking, personal storage and edge computing; cloud companies that develop personalized applications to join and participate in our open community.”

We have been working with the professors of top tier Universities in US, aiming to form an open entity, allowing all parties, including standards setting organization, academic institute, government body and the data related developers community to join and share openly their knowledge and consensus on data services management through an author-identifiable information distribution system and a set of commonly use knowledge content codes. There will be both on-line and offline activities associated with the initiative including technology forum and curriculum developments on the subject knowledge. All these will be backed by the smart contract technology to ensure content traceability”, further added by Gen Tao

“Today marks the official launch of our BitTribe Lab Hong Kong super node. We have concrete roadmap set to go on setting up our second node in US, then UK, Singapore, Japan and other geo locations. This is a hundred city plan with the investment led by GoldenSand Capital”, concluded by Gen Tao     

“We strongly believe in the BitTribe vision and the BitTribe Cyberspace initiative. Blockchain technology and the resulting decentralized financing, the sharing / Bitcoin tokenized economies can shape the world and lead us into a new era in the digital cyberspace. We are committed to invest in the whole Blockchain industry through the Digital Bank and the crypto-currencies platforms, including STO, Exchanges and Token Deposits. Through working with BitTribe Lab, GoldenSand Capital and its affiliates will invest USD 100 million in partnership with BitTribe Lab to build the next generation digital bank, the blockchain native communication and payment platforms, all starting from Hong Kong as the base, then scaling up and extending the landing to over hundred cities”, said Sonny Wu, Founder and Chairman, GoldenSand Capital Limited


About BitTribe Lab

All BitTribe Lab fellow has the visionary belief that a better world with more innovations and creativities can be achieved through revamping the current way of how information is communicated and how payment is handled. The decentralized Blockchain based P2P communications and personalized storage platform together with the tokenized economies that allows individuals to freely participate, contributing their assets and their wisdom through secured token transactions to get their rewards and returns, is the path leading to this utopian space. We are all working for building the non-stop world computer that can be owned and accessed by every individuals in the tribe.

Our fellow consists of network architects and engineers, together with blockchain decentralized financial product experts. They have accumulated extensive networking knowledge, coding and data security experience, as well as mathematics / algorithm expertise. The team will lead and work with other decentralized mesh network experts in the market to prime the BitTribe Cyberspace initiative and delivery.


About GoldenSand Capital Ltd

Golden Sand River (GSR) was co-founded in 2004 by Sonny Wu and Richard Lim and subsequently, GoldenSand Capital was set up by Sonny Wu with the aim of sector leadership and going global with unique investment strategies and resources.

The spirit of Golden Sand River is that of a forward-moving river, ethereally flowing towards the Yangtze Delta symbolizing GoldenSand Capital’s firm commitment towards “innovation” and “investing to building future industries” to serve the world.

Over the past decade, GSR has invested in game-changing companies like:  Lattice Power, Didi Chuxing, Xindayang EV, Silevo Solar and many more innovative enterprises: all together they demonstrate our pursuit of innovation, and the endless effort to the development of emerging industries through global M&A and China localization.

GoldenSand Capital has offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and US.


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GoldenSand Capital Limited

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