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Guest: Lukas Rich, Co-Founder of MoonRadius, Vietnam

Host: Andy Zheng, CEO, Beecast



Andy Zheng: Good evening, everyone! I am Andy Zheng, CEO of Beecast.

Welcome to the leading blockchain community media [Beecast] and join us with 5000+ communities & 1000000+ Beecasters in [Blockchain in SEA] to discuss blockchain technology and industry development.

This is the Phase 20, Topic: The Views of Crypto Trade in Vietnam Blockchain Media

Guest: Lukas Rich

Lukas Rich is Co-Founder of MoonRadius - one of the first and biggest cryptocurrency organization in Vietnam.

The group leads members to understand more about crypto & find potential coin/ICO then help them have profitable investment.

Moreover, Moonradius works as Media Partner for potential projects, they are very strict to choose potential & long-term partner.


Andy Zheng: Mr. Lukas, you can introduce yourself. What made you decide to go into the blockchain industry?

Lukas Rich: Thank you for your introduction, Andy. Answering Q1, I'm Lukas Rich, my real name is Nguyen Xuan Hong. The first time I heard about blockchain is Bitcoin. I was really impressed. Because the blockchain attracts me.

The 1st time I’ve known about bitcoin, I say Wow, Satoshi is so talented, so smart that created BTC. He made me want to store some Bitcoin at that time, and I bought in at price 1 BTC = 2000$ in the middle of 2017. Blockchain & Bitcoin changed everything related to money, that's why I called Bitcoin is Internet of money. Blockchain changes the way money works, nothing controls it. From now on, I love blockchain, love decentralized

If you want to know more about blockchain, please read "Internet of Money" book from Andreas M. Antonopoulos. You will understand the basics of blockchain. After that, I bought many coins such as XRP, NEO……I learn how to trade in this market. I think all of us join this market because of "profit". We wanna creat more money from this market, then we care about technology. I have to say the truth that, I've earned a lot from this cryptocurrency, it changed my life.

Then we apply blockchain in real life, people start focus on this market. It lead to the Bubble at the end of 2017 when BTC reached 20,000$. Now we always have to update the blockchain technology, many projects appear. So I love to review, know more details about crypto/blockchain projects, companies in this market.


Andy Zheng: Why did you found the MoonRadius? What are the company's achievements so far?

Lukas Rich: The 1st time only me working, I shared my knowledge & investment on my own youtube. My videos guided people how to trade on Poloniex, Bittrex... how to use Bollinger Band, RSI, MA, MACD... in technical analisys. Those videos on Youtube attracted more & more people watching in the short time because not many people know about it. I was really surprised when many people subscribe me, from 300 people become 5000 subscribers.

I was one of the first person stepped in, guided & shared with people.  Then I founded some members had the same passion with me, had deep knowledge about crypto, they invested with me. We can feel the passion was in our blood, so we decided to create a group named 1000BTC. It means a group helping people to earn 1000 bitcoin easily.

 but after developing, we see we need to work beyond the sea, we must be worldwide, and must be work to connect more projects with Vietnamese investors, so we changed the brand & vision, now it changed to MoonRadius.

 Now Moonradius (MRD) is a discussion forum dedicated to members of the MRD community (Mooners) to share their experiences and assessments on fintech, investment finance, and especially blockchain technology.  We help form and develop multifaceted debates on technology, finance, and investment issues; so as to make it convenient for the community to gather deep, quality information through diverse personal perspectives and experiences. So MoonRadius was created by many Co-Founders, each person is responsible for an area in blockchain, each person is a key.

 MoonRadius will be an international organization, now we are located in Ho Chi Minh city, but in next years, we will try to register in Malta & have office here. Co-Founder Zani Doan will help us to expand.  


Andy Zheng: As the Admin of Altcoin Whales group with more than 4000 members, what are your views on cryptocurrency trade that you can share with us?

Lukas Rich: I was admin of Altcoin Whales Group at the very first time in 2017. I was very enthusiastic to share, guided international friends make profit & earn money. I gave them target, which coins should buy in short term, long term……But at that time the market was easy to trade, especially pumping market at the end of 2017 when BTC reached 20.000$, it’s different from now.

You can join this telegram to trade with us: https://t.me/altcoinwhales. We have top of Tradingview trader: Hamanda Mark, Exodus... Now trade is for self-disciplined person with cold head / firm emotion. Traders must be strict with himself. And they have to know: the important is not how much you can earn; is how much money you can keep. But even when you trade with us, follow our signals, you have to know the risk management.

 I see many people don’t use cut-loss to protect their money, hold many coins at the end of 2017, no selling at the top. Then the bubble bursted, from millionaire to normal guy in short time. So if you want to be a good trader, you must:

 1. Have basic knowledge about trading, technical analysis. You must understand the money flow.

 2. You have to know & understand your characteristics. Are you suitable with this market? Are you patient enough or good at controlling your emotions. If not, I swear you should stop.

 If you dont have time to trade, I always recommend them to choose the potential projects with small cap.


Andy Zheng: Your group also leads members find potential coin/ICO, how do you think of finding potential projects?

Lukas Rich: Leading people to investment is very risk. If they get successful from it, they are happy, but you got nothing from them. Just a few people say Thank You. But if an investment failed, it means you make them losing money. Being a leader / admin is very tired, you have to face with the rumours / bad opinions from crowds.

 We helped people invest & get lots of profit, for example: Electroneum, Vertcoin, Onion, Cybermiles, Arcblock, Simple Token, NAVCoin..  and some projects that we recommend is not so good or failed. Nothing is sure 1000%. Even good project can be hacked or have problems that can not fix easily.  So I always recommend investors never ALL-IN.

 About potential ICOs, projects, I always focus on their technology, their founders, their partners, the reality and the application in real life.  Review details as much as you can.

Because nowadays many projects apply blockchain in their company, but it's really NOT neccessary. It leads to some projects fail, stop. So if you want to find potential projects, you have to look at overall & details very carefully. In 2019, you can see the trend is IEO. IEO it means The Crypto Exchange will review & choose the best project to do ICO.  So it will be safer than reviewing yourself. But you should be careful, nothing is easy to invest. You still have to have your own review。IEO does not change the real value / basics of a Project.

That project must be potential, be good, that must be supported by many VCs, they have to know how to control money. If not, everything is just a FOMO, a trend. I can see Binance works really great when they choose BitTorrent, Celer Network to IEO. Both of them are really interesting to apply blockchain in real life.


Andy Zheng: Please share with us your understanding and evaluation of the Vietnam blockchain industry and the cryptocurrency market.

Lukas Rich: Vietnam blockchain industry is very potential market, you can see Vietnamese people are very quick to update about blockchain. Some project comes from Vietnam that international people know, such as KyberNetwork. Vietnamese people really like new market, you can see lots of money flow into cryptocurrency & ICOs.

All of us know about bitcoin, but just some people know the basics & real value of Blockchain. Because in Vietnam, many MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Companies aprrear. They lied people & used blockchain to attract more people. It created a bad image about Blockchain / Bitcoin. So many people said Blockchain is scam. And the Law in Vietnam is not really open for Cryptocurrency. That's why many people trade / invest silently.  But I really understand that a massive money flow into this market, and many people become rich from investment in cryptocurrency. Rumors of easy making money from this market has expanded. So some people without knowledge put their money in the market that they dont really know.

So in vietnam, many people lost all of their money. So we hope MoonRadius and other crypto groups will help them have knowledge in order to invest safely.


Andy Zheng: What do you think is the value of blockchain media? What is the most important job in running a media?

Lukas Rich: Media is always very important in any market. It’s like Traditional media: Content is the King. Media = Marketing. Media in cryptocurrency / ICOs is very neccessary for itself. If you dont know how to do media / marketing, I think % fail is very high. Because of Media, you can build your own community that support for you.

Media supply full of information for all of us. BUT, For me, the most important is the TRUTH. Media must be trustful. Media can not lie. We must tell the truth about a project. Never make a project with nothing become a great company / ICO. Never put money on Top. Media must select & review project, which one is good, which one is bad. Media must be responsible with its content. It will help many people with little knowledger invest correctly.

In crypto groups are the same. We are media group support for potential / good projects. We have to review very carefully a project. Our reviewing team will put aside bad project / unclear information.

Crypto group have to meet / interview CEO/Founder of each project to see clearer vision, full info of projects……So I think good project / ICO have to do many Meet-up, and go around the world to help expanding community.

 For us, crypto groups must be resposible for any marketing for projects. Each group has its own vision & strategy, but the most important is still reviewing carefully.


Andy Zheng: Is the current state of development of MoonRadius in line with your expectations? What are the latest trends and future plans?

Lukas Rich: Well, till now MoonRadius is in line with our expectations. Our partners are good, just a few not really good with their operations & strategy. We see the risk with that , we will annouce with community that project is bad, even strategic partner. If the project is not good, we will stop corporation.

 For example IDCM Exchange that we review & have partnership. At the 1st time, IDCM was very professional. We flied to Shenzhen to see their office, to interview CEO, Founder. At that time I saw IDCM is very professional, and I thought that IDCM can be Top 10 Exchanges in Coinmarketcap. But then IDCM was greedy, when its personnel is not enough to support for IDCM Exchange. They did not focus to do well in Exchange. They want to expand into other area, to creat IDCM Alliance. But one thing that IDCM can not focus is IDCM Exchange, why they need to expand? From that time, IDCM lost their strategy. So now MoonRadius stop any media for IDCM. We have to apology for the community. So I want to say nothing in investment is 100% sure.

So next time, MoonRadius will focus on supplying for community knowledge about blockchain. About reviewing ICO in many views (pros and cons). If a project want us to do Media in Vietnam, we will focus on advantages and disadvantes. For example the nearest review is eToro, one of biggest exchange with social trading in my livestream with Van Dinh Hoa. I have to said that the fee in eToro is very high. It will be suitable for Good-income-person with high salary, not for all of us. eToro is for professional person or have enough knowledge about trading, about Forex, Stocks.

MoonRadius have good effect in Vietnam. We have Youtube Channel with 10.000 subscribers. Every reviewing videos are full of information. We also built community on Telegram and Facebook. Very popular channels in Vietnam. Vietnamese people are not so familiar with Twitter or Wechat. This time, MoonRadius will focus on doing Livestream on Facebook , because it attracts more viewers. MoonRadius will try to invite CEO/FOunder of each projects to do livestream & interview.

 Kambria is one of strategic partner of MoonRadius. We had very good livestream with Mr Thuc Vu, Co-Founder of Kambria. So I think if any Projects want to do media in Vietnam, you guys should use livestream to contact with Vietnamese investors. Livestream is very easy to watch and understand easily. If you have any questions, you can ask directly to Founder/CEOs. AMA Livestream is very good way to building community.  Investors have to understand before they decide to invest.

 You can see nearest livestreams are: Ontology, eToro, Kambria, Tomochain……After each livestream, more people decide to buy, invest. Because investors feel safe when they see real CEO/Founder. They can ask anything they still wonder, still have unclear information. Livestream is interesting that you can interact with Community.

 So I think if a project want to build community in any market, please do more livestream, every months, or every weeks. You will make more loyal members that support fully.


Andy Zheng: As a senior preacher in the blockchain field, you may have come into contact with a lot of people in the industry. Are there anyone you admire, and why? Beecast currently covers 250 cities in 15 countries, 5,000 community nodes, 1 million users , and hopes to invite more big names to [Blockchain in SEA] to share the blockchain knowledge, promoting the development of the industry. In the blockchain industry of SEA, if Mr. Lukas introduces one or two guests to be interviewed, who would you recommend to Beecast to share?

Lukas Rich: One person that I really admire in Crypto market is Mr Le Thanh from Coin98. He is really enthusiastic person. He works everything very professionally. He has very deep knowledger about crypto, how to review an ICO in 12 steps.  He created a process to review any ICO. The latest article from Coin98 is WHAT IS IEO? And how to invest in it. His article is full of information. Coin98 is the group brings Kambria for us.

 MoonRadius has to thank Le Thanh Coin98 a lot. I can feel his passion. He want to build bigger community and help other people understand about cryptocurrency. Coin98 and MoonRadius have very close relationship. We support each other from very first time. The next man is Van Dinh Hoa from Crypto Japan. He is really a MC, speaker I think. He is very good at creating Livestream, and his livestream always has many viewers. The livestream between Ontology and Bitcoinvn is from him. So I think Van Dinh Hoa and Le Thanh are 2 person that I admire. 

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对话时间:2018年3月30日 15:00



Lukas Rich



东南亚Beecast CEO


郑西平:各位Beecaster,大家下午好!我是东南亚Beecast CEO 郑西平。

欢迎大家来到领先的区块链社群媒体【Beecast】,与5000+社群1000000+Beecasters一起参与【Blockchain in SEA】节目,探讨区块链技术与行业发展。本期是Beecast【Blockchain in SEA】第20期,


嘉宾:Lukas Rich

嘉宾:Lukas Rich

Lukas Rich是MoonRadius的联合创始人,MoonRadius是越南首批也是最大的加密货币组织之一。该组织带领成员更多地了解加密领域资讯,找到有潜力的货币和ICO项目,然后帮助他们进行投资。此外,Moonradius作为有潜力项目的媒体合作伙伴,他们非常严格地选择潜在的和长期的合作伙伴。



Lukas Rich:谢谢你的介绍,安迪。回答第一题,我是Lukas Rich,我的真名是Nguyen Xuan Hong。我第一次听说区块链是关于比特币,给我留下了深刻印象。因为区块链非常吸引我。

当我第一次知道比特币的时候,我说:“哇,Satoshi是如此有天赋,如此聪明,创造了BTC。”当时他使得我想要储存一些比特币,我在2017年年中以1 btc=2000美元的价格买进了比特币。区块链&比特币改变了与金钱相关的一切,这就是为什么我把比特币称为货币互联网的原因。区块链改变了金钱的运作方式,没有什么能控制它。从这时起,我爱上了区块链,爱上了去中心化。

如果您想了解更多关于区块链的知识,请阅读Andreas M.Antonopoulos的《货币网络》一书。您将了解区块链的基本知识。在那之后,我买了很多币,比如XRP,NEO……我学习如何在这个市场上交易。我想我们都是因为“利润”才加入这个市场的。我们想从这个市场创造更多的财富,然后我们关心技术。我不得不说的一个事实是,我从加密货币中赚了很多钱,它改变了我的生活。




Lukas Rich:第一次只有我自己工作,我在自己的YouTube上分享我的知识和投资相关信息。我的视频指导人们如何在Poloniex,Bittrex上交易,如何将Bollinger Band, RSI, MA, MACD...用于技术分析中。在短时间内,YouTube上的这些视频吸引了越来越多的人观看,因为知道的人不多。当很多人订阅我的时候,我真的很惊讶,从300人变成了5000人。

我是第一批入行、指导和与人分享相关知识的人之一。后来我发现了一些成员,他们和我有着同样的热情,对密码技术有着深刻的了解,他们和我一起投资。我们能感觉到来自我们的血液的激情,所以我们决定成立一个名为1000 btc的小组。它的意思是一个帮助人们轻松赚1000枚比特币的团体。


现在Moonradius (MRD)是一个讨论论坛,专门为MRD社区(Mooners)的成员分享他们对金融科技,投资金融,特别是区块链技术的经验和评估。我们协助形成和发展关于技术、金融和投资问题的多方面辩论,以方便社区通过多样化的个人观点和经验收集有深度、高质量的信息。因此,MoonRadius是由许多创始人共同创建的,每个人负责区块链中的一个领域,每个人都是一个关键。

MoonRadius将是一个国际组织,现在我们位于胡志明市,但在明年,我们将尝试在马耳他注册,并在这里设有办事处。联合创始人Zani Doan将帮助我们拓展业务。



Lukas Rich:我在2017年第一次担任Altcoin Whales Group的主管。我非常热衷于分享,引导国际朋友赚钱。我会给他们目标,何种币应该买短期的,长期的……但当时市场很容易交易,尤其是2017年底btc达到20.000美元时的抽水市场,与现在不同。

 你可以加入这个telegram跟我们一起交易:https://t.me/altcoinwhales。我们有顶级的TradingView交易者:Hamanda Mark,Exodus.








Lukas Rich:领导人们去投资是非常具有风险的。如果他们成功了,他们会很高兴,但你却什么也得不到,只有几个人说谢谢。但是如果一项投资失败了,那就意味着你会让他们赔钱。作为一个领导者/管理员是很累的,你必须面对来自人群的谣言/负面观点。

我们帮助人们投资并获得了大量的利润,例如:Electroneum, Vertcoin, Onion, Cybermiles, Arcblock, Simple Token, NAVCoin。另外,我们推荐的一些项目不是很好,或者失败了。没有什么是1000%确定的。即使是好项目也可能被黑客攻击或出现问题,而这些问题很难解决。所以我总是建议投资者不要孤注一掷。


因为现在很多项目都在他们的公司里应用区块链,但这并不是必要的。它会导致一些项目失败,停止。因此,如果你想找到有潜力的项目,你必须仔细地看一看全局以及细节。在2019年,你可以看到这种趋势是IEO。IEO意味着加密交易将审查和选择最好的项目来做 ICO。所以这比你自己审查更安全。但是你应该小心,没有什么是容易投资的。你还得有自己的审查。IEO不会改变项目的实际价值/基础。

这个项目一定是有潜力的,是好的,那么必须得到许多风投的支持,他们必须知道如何控制资金。如果不是的话,每件事都只是一个FOMO,一种趋势。我可以看到币安的运作真的很棒,当他们选择BitTorrent,Celer Network直到IEO。这些方法在现实生活中应用区块链都是非常有趣的。



Lukas Rich:越南的区块链产业是很有潜力的市场,你可以看到越南人对区块链的更新非常迅速。国际人士都知道的有些项目都来自越南,比如KyberNetwork以及Tomochain。越南人民非常喜欢新的市场,你可以看到大量的资金流入加密货币、ICO项目。

我们都知道比特币,但只有一些人知道区块链的基本原理和实际价值。因为在越南,许多MLM(传销)公司出现了,他们进行欺骗,并用区块链来吸引更多的人。它创造了一个关于BlockChain/比特币的坏形象。所以这么多人说区块链是骗局。而越南的法律并不是真正开放的,这就是为什么许多人默默地交易/投资的原因。 但我真的明白大量资金流入这个市场,许多人因投资加密货币而变得富有。 从这个市场轻松赚钱的谣言已经扩大了。因此,一些不知情的人把他们的钱放在市场上,而他们并不真正了解这个市场。




Lukas Rich:媒体在任何市场上都是非常重要的。这就像传统媒体:内容为王,媒体=营销。加密货币、ICO项目中的媒体本身是非常必要的。如果你不知道如何做媒体/营销,我认为失败率是很高的。因为有了媒体,你可以建立自己的社区来支持你。  







Lukas Rich:嗯,到目前为止,MoonRadius符合我们的期望。我们的合作伙伴都很好,只是少数的合作方在业务和策略方面还有待完善,如果我们看到了相关的风险,我们将会对社区宣布项目是不好的。甚至战略伙伴也不例外。如果项目不好,我们将停止合作。

例如,我们和评估的IDCM Exchange有合作伙伴关系。第一次,IDCM非常专业。我们飞到深圳去看他们的办公室,采访他们的首席执行官,创办人。当时我看到IDCM非常专业,我想IDCM可以成为前10大交易所。但是当IDCM的人员不足以支持IDCM的时候,IDCM就变得贪婪了。他们还没有集中精力把交易所做好,他们希望扩展到其他领域,建立IDCM联盟。但是IDCM都不能集中精力做好IDCM交易所,它们为什么需要扩展?从那时起, IDCM就失去了他们和我们的战略合作。所以现在MoonRadius停止对接IDCM的任何媒体,我们必须向社区道歉。所以我想说的是,没有投资是百分之百肯定的。

因此,下一次,MoonRadius将专注于提供有关区块链的社区知识。多角度审查ICO项目(正反两方面),如果一个项目想让我们在越南做媒体,我们会把重点放在优势和缺点上。例如,最近评审的是eToro。社会交易中最大的交易所之一,也在我和Van Dinh Hoa的livestream中。我不得不说,eToro的收费很高,适用于高收入人士,不是适用于我们所有人。eToro是为专业人士而设的,或对交易、外汇、股票等有足够的知识的人。


Kambria是MoonRadius的战略合作伙伴之一,我们和Kambria 联合创始人Thuc Vu先生在一起将livestream做得很好。因此,我认为如果有任何项目想要在越南做媒体,你们应该使用livestream与越南投资者建立联系。Livelream非常容易观看和理解。如果你有任何问题,你可以直接问创始人/首席执行官。AMA Livestream是建设社区的好方法,投资者在决定投资前必须了解。

你可以看到最近的livestreams是Ontology, eToro, Kambria, Tomochain……每次直播后,会有更多的人决定购买、投资。因为当投资者看到真正的CEO/创始人时,他们会感到安全。他们可以问任何他们仍然想知道的事情,仍然不清楚的信息。Livestream很有趣,您可以与社区进行交互。因此,我认为如果一个项目想要在任何市场上建立社区,请每隔几个月或每周多做一次livestream,你会让更多忠诚的成员全力支持。


郑西平:Lukas作为资深的区块链领域布道者,应该接触过很多行业内人士,其中是否有您欣赏和佩服的从业者,为什么?Beecast目前覆盖15个国家250个城市、5000个社群节点、用户100万+,希望通过[Blockchain in SEA]邀请更多的大咖来社群分享区块链,以推动整个行业进一步的发展,如果Lukas引荐一到两位嘉宾,您会引荐谁来做客Beecast进行分享?

Lukas Rich:在加密市场上,我真正敬佩的 一个人是Coin 98的Le Thanh先生。他是个很热心的人。他把每件事都做得很专业。他对加密领域有很深的认识,知道如何分12个步骤审核ico。 他创建了一个程序来审查任何ico。Coin 98的最新文章是《什么是IEO?以及如何投资》。他的文章信息量很大,Coin 98是给我们带来 Kambria的组织。

MoonRadius必须非常感谢Le Thanh Coin 98,我能感受到他的激情。他希望建立更大的社区,并帮助其他人了解密码货币。Coin 98和MoonRadius有着非常密切的关系。我们从一开始就互相支持。

下一个人是来自Crypto Japan 的VanDinhHoa。他实际上是个节目主持人,我想他是个演说家。他很擅长创作Livestream,他的 livestream总是有很多观众。在Ontology和Bitcoinvn之间的 livestream就来自他。

所以我认为Van Dinh Hoa和 Le Thanh 是我敬佩的两个人。

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