The Successful Conclusion of i-Bank Digital Encryption Finance Summit Forum
78days ago


March 31st, Hongkong time, i-Bank Digital Encryption Finance Summit Forum was successfully held at the Block Chain Special Economic Zone of Jeju Island, South Korea. The conference was broadcast live globally, with an audience of approximately 200,000 around the world. Keynote Speakers included: 

Mr. Jim Rogers, a world-renowned investment expert 

Ms. Yuna Jung, a Korean digital economy expert 

Mr. David Andrew, the founder of WISE UNION 

Mr. Park Lee, Vice President of China Block Chain Economics Academy 

Mr. Ki Soo Kim founder of Korea Block Chain Exchange 

Mr. Dexi Yang, President of China-Korea Enterprise Association 

Mr. Bouziane Ball, President of i-Bank

Many constructive suggestions were given on the application and development of block chains at the conversion. In addition, i-Bank was highly appraised and numerous cooperation intentions were reached to jointly promote the application of block chains in several fields.


Jim Rogers expressed full recognition and support for i-Bank and reached the intention of cooperation with it. The formal launch of i-Bank represents that the application of China's block chain has been well developed towards globalization and specialization. It is expected to help an increasing number of developing countries upgrade their industries through block chain technology in the future.

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