Blucon: A Bridge Between the Blockchain World and the Real World
94days ago

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Editor’s: Blucon is a Korean payments company which leverages on bleeding edge technological innovations to enhance the retail economy.

Brief Introduction to Blucon

Blucon is a Korean payments company which leverages on bleeding edge technological innovations to enhance the retail economy. Converting cryptocurrency into spendable cash across the world via a singular card will be made possible with its technology. The vision of Blucon is to be at the forefront of payment solutions, making the process of cryptocurrency spending instant, painless, risk-free and secure for the users.

Blucon Project

Blucon project makes you pay for the dinner with cryptocurrency you have, which means that you don’t need to sell your cryptocurrency or change it to Cash in order to pay the bill. It enables you to use cryptocurrency, with Blucon Card, anywhere and at any time, as much as you need. In order to achieve this goal, Blucon project connects the EXO-Platform between your bank and exchange, and then it processes the exchange, payment and calculation of Fiat & cryptocurrency in real time.

Blucon Card

The Slogan of Blucon is “All Payment, in All Country, All in One Card”, which aims to combine all the services in one card through the ctyptocurrency. .In May, the Blucon Metro card cooperated with the exchanges can realize it that as long as there is money in the account of the exchange, it can be instantly converted into legal tender to pay the fee. Under the circumstances that if there is no money in the card but there is money in the exchange, you can swipe the card directly into the subway. The exchange will automatically deduct the corresponding currency to sell, which will be of great convenience to people.

When you try to pay for the dinner with Blucon Card, BEP Token plays an essential role as a lubricant, in the process of exchanging from cryptocurrency (such as BTC, ETH) to Cash (Fiat) through EXO-Platform and Bank. In other words, BEP serves as a “Key Currency” that enables cryptocurrency to be used in Cash (Fiat).  Therefore, BEP is a token that automatically generates Trading Volume (Demand) for the conversion of cryptocurrency, even if there is no Transaction of Buying & Selling. In other words, there is a big difference from other cryptocurrency that price is determined only by Supply and Demand, Selling and Buying amount. BEP Token is AVI (Auto Value Increase) Ecosystem. Namely, it has a structure that increases the value itself through EXO-Platform.

Strategic Partners

Blucon has established strategic partnerships with various promising blockchain enterprises, such as DigiFinex, the world’s third biggest crypto exchange, Dash, a payment coin which allows for lightning speed payment transactions is supported by a great ecosystem infrastructure as well as an international community, and Exshell, an up and coming platform which has shown great potential to disrupt the market despite the fact that they have only been around for 6 months.

Recently, in order to push ahead with Blucon’s project that the payment platform using cryptocurrency, Blucon announced that they have signed a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Genesis, an investment company in China on April 2.

       As an international payment platform, Blucon provides the flexibility of payment with crypto assets through various credit cards of global financial payment network.

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