Interview the guest of the 2019 Blockchain Investor Summit (Seoul): Mayor of Grand Bahama Island - $100 Million Plan and American Malta
$100 Million Plan and American Malta
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Editor's Note:  At 10 am on April 10th, BlockGlobal & Coinin invited Mr. Mayor to visit the Asian community for the first time to beigin a new global hot spot.



The Bahamas has just passed the cryptocurrency draft legislation to create the Malta of  Americas, which will become a new global hot spot. The Mayor of Grand Bahama Island, Cornish, also confirmed the attendance of the "2019 Blockchain Investor Summit (Seoul)", bringing "100 million US dollars Investment Plan" and focusing on creating "America Malta". At 10 am on April 10th, BlockGlobal & Coinin invited Mr. Mayor to visit the Asian community for the first time to beigin a new global hot spot.


The following is an interview record:

Host: Today, BlockGlobal & Coinin specially invited Mr. Mayor to visit the Asian community for the first time to start a new global hot spot. First of all, let us welcome the BLOCK GLOBAL founder Shi Yanqiang to deliver the opening speech.

Shi Yanqiang: I am very pleased that you are participating in the [Interview with guests of the 2019 Blockchain Investor Summit (Seoul). 100 million US dollars plan and the America Malta]. The interview is hosted by South Korea's blockchain media Coinin, and co-hosted by China blockchain media Block Tech, Taiwan blockchain media blocktimes, Southeast Asia blockchain media Beecast, Block Capital, Blockchain talent recruitment platform Huopin Online, Global College Blockchain Fans Alliance.


Today, I am also very honored to have invited Don G. Cornish, Mayor of the Bahamas. I am [BLOCK GLOBAL] CEO Shi Yanqiang.



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There are two hot spots in the blockchain market: one is South Korea and the other is Southeast Asia. At the end of this month, we will hold the [2019 Global Blockchain Investors Summit] in South Korea, and the Korean market will be introduced by Allen who is the head of Coinin.

Now, I will introduce you about the Southeast Asian market in one sentence: If you miss the Internet, don't miss the blockchain again; if you miss the Chinese and Korean markets, don't miss Southeast Asia. These days many friends from China came to Southeast Asia. Recently, I also made friends with Bao Ge, Du Jun Boss, Chu Xiahu, Yang Nan and etc. They also talked about heroes in Vietnam and talked about Southeast Asia.




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Host: Please welcome Coinin CEO Allen to give a speech.

Allen: Hello everyone, I am Coinin CEO Allen, and also Block Global cofounder. Today, I am very honored to invite Mr. Cronish, the Mayor of the Bahamas, we know him because we invited Mr. Cornish as a guest at the “2019 Blockchain Investors Summit” held in Seoul on April 29-30. He will talk about the new developments of the blockchain in the Bahamas, including the draft digital currency legislation passed by the Bahamas and the $100 million investment plan of the Bahamas.

These will be the new hotspots of the global blockchain, and the Bahamas is working to create the Malta of America. Everyone is witnessing the new history of the blockchain industry!

[2019 Blockchain Investors Summit] From April 29th to 30th, Block Global, DConference and Coinin will hold the "2019 Blockchain Investors Summit" in Seoul, South Korea. At present, more and more traditional financial and large enterprises such as the New York Stock Exchange, Morgan, and Samsung are entering the blockchain, and the role of traditional funds in the blockchain industry is becoming more and more important. Therefore, this summit will focus on the “New and Old investment power dialogue, Blockchain integration and development”topic, and invited many VC institutions, financial institutions, traditional enterprises, well-known blockchain exchanges, token fund and etc. to gather in Seoul to explore industry trends.

Currently BlackRock, Schroders, Korea National Pension Fund NPS, Korea National Sovereign Wealth Fund KIC, Huawei, Samsung, LG, SK, Shinhan Bank, National Bank, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, Nomura Securities, IBM, PWC, Deloitte, SAP, Draper Fund, Node Capital, EOS VC, Middle East Alphabit, UK Eterna Capital, Taiwan's famous legislator, Mayor of the Bahamas Island, President of the Korean Blockchain Society, Financial Committee Advisory Members will participate, and Huawei’s Vice President Genovese will share Huawei's blockchain exploration. There will also be 60 financial institutions’leaders from banks/securities/insurances in the Asia region will join.


The "2019 Blockchain Investor Summit" held in Seoul in April will gather more than 80 traditional funds and giant companies to bring new strength to the industry. The Bahama will also be a star at the summit!



Global giants and funds are laying out in the blockchain industry. As practitioners, we have a mission to take on the responsibility of attracting new forces in the industry.

Now I will hand it over to the host. Welcome our global hot spot, the Mayor of Bahamas to share!


Host: Please welcome the Mayor of Grand Bahama Island Cornish start sharing today. Don G. Cornish, 2019 Consensus New York conference speaker, 2019 CoinBank Blockchain Cruise. Mr. Cornish has more than 20 years of government and business experience, and holds a BA in English and a Bachelor of Philosophy in International Studies from Florida International University. He has also served as a family island administrator on several major islands and held senior positions in the Ministry of Finance and Tourism, coordinating key government initiatives such as the implementation of the 2010 Business License Act throughout the family island. He has extensive experience in tourism and has been cross-trained in the US Department of Tourism's departments and international marketing and public relations agencies with the Department, and then served as the head of the Family Island Office.



Q1: You are the mayor of the Bahamas, how did you connect with the blockchain industry? What is the core value of the blockchain in your opinion?

Don: I became involved in blockchain a few years ago as a direct result of my interaction with acquaintances involved in blockchain projects. I found the integrity of the technology very appealing, particularly as it relates to BIG DATA and the vibrancy of technological change.

I also believed that all of the financial experience that the Bahamas has for over 100 year as a key financial industry player for banks, trust and foundations would be able to serve the future interest of the blockchain community. Now that day has come where the world can utilize the Bahamas jurisdiction to launch there tokens, wallets, StOs and exchanges.  


Q2: Thanks to its unique geographical advantages and historical reasons, the Bahamas has become the second largest economy in the Americas after the United States and a well-known offshore financial center. What impact do you think these factors have on the development of the Bahamian cryptocurrency? What is the current state of development of the cryptocurrency market in the Bahamas?

Don: The Bahamas is in the early stages of developing a “cryptocurrency culture” with its progressive approach to hosting regular forums for governmental and private sector stakeholders to discuss the potential of the industry. Our perspective is that, given our reputation as a financial centre and our strategic geographical location, we are poised to benefit with proactive steps towards bridging these factors to our advantage. Anyone thinking about creating and establishing a blockchain business must consider the Bahamas. The Bahamas is building the Gold standard for the Blockchain industry and while we welcome everyone to apply only the best projects will be allow to register and operate in The Bahamas. The Bahamas believes that our role is to establish relationships with the highest quality projects in the world to build and become the top destination in the world for blockchain.


Q3: How is the perception of blockchain industry and STO in the Bahamas? Could you share some of the potential trends of STO in Bahamas?

Don: There is an air of excitement about the possibilities that STOs and blockchain will bring. Discerning investors are keen to explore this new financial landscape, much as I am certain they were when we ventured into financial services many decades ago. The Bahamas has launched the first STO in the Caribbean call PO8. PO8 is very important to the future of blockchain because of their work as a asset management company pioneering Non Fungible Tokens. STOs coming from the Bahamas will be the most secure. Our new legislation will soon be put into place and it allow investors to be protected against fraud and scams and it allows blockchain projects to grow out of the Bahamas which is a very crypto friendly country. There are lots of potential for the banking industry and the blockchain industry to work together with crypto to fiat services.


Q4: The emergence of new technologies has brought a lot of uncertainty along with reform to the industry. How does the Bahamian government view the potential risks of decentralization of the blockchain? It is understood that the Bahamas has just released a draft cryptocurrency on April 2. What is the main attitude of this bill? Is there any follow-up legislation in April?

Don: The Government of the Bahamas has taken a proactive approach and drafted very progressive legislation to govern the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector. This is intended to stem any tide of irregularity and prevent abuses as much as possible. The legislation anticipates several levels of growth and development and clearly defines them in the context of their relationship with fiat platforms already operating in a regulatory environment. This will ensure clear understanding on what existing commercial baking and related entities are able to do and lays a framework for expansion in a systematic way. We believe that this bill will usher in a new area for the Bahamas and the blockchain industry. The bill will help the blockchain industry have strong regulation that supports the development and growth of blockchain technology. With this bill companies can rest assure that they are legally able to operate and safe once they abide by Bahamian laws. Any company that comes to the Bahamas can be because creating the future not worrying about legalities. In the Bahamas we are building the best possible environment for blockchain projects to grow and build their best work legally! So no matter what country you are from The Bahamas can be your blockchain home !!!


Q5: The hotspots of the blockchain industry are rapidly iterative, and the hottest thing in the near future is IEO. After the ICO and STO that the Chinese government severely cracked down, do you think that the IEO that is endorsed by the exchange's reputation can rebuild market confidence? What is the attitude of the Bahamas cryptocurrency market to IEO?

Don: The IEO concept is very new and may very well catch on over time. It is difficult to anticipate how it will grow, given that the present environment is at its infant stages in terms of the low volume of ICOs. I think that the IEO are different and more strongly audited and regulated by each exchange. Although the IEO is hot and will be allowed by exchanges who register in the future. Initial Exchange offerings will help pushing the bull on of the pen and reenergize the crypto market.


Q6: It is understood that the financial industry is one of the most important sectors of the Bahamian federal national economy. What impact does the strong cryptocurrency have on the development of the Bahamian traditional economy? What is the consideration for the upcoming launch of the Sand Dollar plan by the Bahamas and the issuance of the central bank's digital currency?

Don: The financial services industry is the "second pillar" of our national economy and it is vital that it continues to grow. The international climate in respect of offshore financial centers is highly competitive. Therefore, it is important that we innovate and take the necessary advantages at our disposal. The Central bank of The Bahamas has prepared for this by releasing the Sand Dollar digital currency plan. This makes room for Governmental level as well as private sector leadership in digital innovation and broader end user transactions. We anticipate orderly and progressive growth in this sector as it will reduce the need for cash transactions, hence make it safer for many stakeholders to do business throughout the country by reducing the need to transport large amounts of cash.


Q7: To be the next blockchain hub, Bahamas faces direct competition with other regions. What kind of actions or measures will the Bahamas take to quickly grow into the next hub of the blockchain?

Don: The Bahamas has taken its message to several regional and international centres in the United States and Europe on a preliminary level. Additionally, a number of blockchain conferences have been hosted and sponsored with the past two years. These actions as well as direct promotional campaigns will continue. We will also support the best blockchain projects of the world to come to Grand Bahama. Any great project will have the chance to negate what special terms and conditions they might have or need and we will see how we cooperate. We also want to see blockchain project from all over the world open offices and even provide their services to the local market in the Bahamas and around the Caribbean. The Bahamas is the gateway to the new word ! Are there any great Blockchain companies here right now that wants to come to the Bahamas ?


Q8: How will the Bahamian government use 100 million US dollars  to attract companies to settle in? Which type of blockchain company does the Bahamian government prefer? What are the benefits that companies entering into the Bahamas?

Don: The Government has not taken a narrow view in respect of blockchain investment, therefore there are no preferred blockchain investment barriers. Businesses investing in the Bahamas are afforded several incentives, inclusive of permanent residency, assistance with securing importation of goods and technical services. We want all companies that have great technology, that are using blockchain to fix problems in banking, identity, gaming, blockchain infrastructure, interoperable solutions, marketplaces, exchanges, Non Fungible Tokens. Whatever it is you have to be the best and we will come along side you and make sure that you are welcomed and supported in our country. 100 million dollar is small compared to the billions of dollar that a company can make when they are operating legally and the Bahamas will give those great blockchain companies the platform and stage to legally make billions of dollars. Lets  raise the bar of the blockchain industry together.


Q9: Blockchain and cryptocurrency have global attributes, but the development process varies from country to country. Which market do you think is the most promising? What is the focus of the Bahamas'next development? It is said that you confirm your participation in the 2019 Blockchain Investors Summit in Korea. What are your expectations for this summit?

Don: We have taken particular and keen note of the international movements in this global space. However, of direct interest to us are the jurisdictions of Malta and Singapore. We believe that we are positioned to provide a stronger option than both of the foregoing countries, in light of our experience in financial services, an area where we have a more diverse and sophisticated platform than most small island states. We believe this is a decided and clear advantage for us. I look forward to the summit in South Korea at the end of April. This will be another opportunity to share our "Brand" message as a country and to share about particular products such as the leading startup innovator P08 Group. We are excited to have this platform again and I look forward to a successful summit in that regard. We will show that Bahamas is the best place to be !


Q10: As a well-known person of the North America, you may know a lot of outstanding practitioners in the blockchain industry. "Time Point Dialogue" interview program is launched by [Block Global & Coin], is dedicated to exploring high-quality blockchain projects and practitioners. Could you recommend three honored guests to our program?

Don: I will recommend Brock Pierce, Matthew Arnett, and Changpeng Zhao.


Cornish has confirmed attendance at the "2019 Blockchain Investors Summit (Seoul)" and has brought a "100 million US dollar investment plan" to focus on creating "American Malta". Mr. Cornish will have a more wonderful sharing at the Seoul Summit, as well as the global blockchain famous practitioners will attend the summit. Welcome everyone attend the "2019 Blockchain Investor Summit" in Seoul on April 29-30 and meet face to face with Cornish.

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