Tengda Technology invests in the OCX exchange to open the global track layout of the blockchain
12days ago

On August 24, 2019, the equity merger and acquisition delivery ceremony of Tengda Technology and OCX Exchange was successfully completed, and Tengda Technology officially entered the OCX Exchange.

The headquarters of Vietnam's tengda technology is located in Ho Chi Minh City. The team consists of seniors from the financial sector such as New York, Singapore and Vietnam. The company mainly provides private fund management, asset management and investment consulting services for local Vietnamese companies and overseas customers. The layout block began in 2019. Chain technology, cryptocurrency investment direction and the formation of blockchain technology research team, committed to the blockchain technology in the Internet of Things, travel real estate, automotive aftermarket and other physical sections, the company gathered dozens of blockchain research Experts, the top ten operation centers in the global layout.

Tengda Technology official said that the move is an important strategic move for the global blockchain layout of tengda technology. According to CAO THANH HUNG, head of Tengda Technology Business Development, “The blockchain is driving global financial transformation, and tengda technology will continue to expand its In the comprehensive layout of blockchain finance, Tengda Technology fully recognizes the blockchain technology strength and international vision of OCX Exchange.


The OCX Exchange (original X network) was officially launched in December 2017. It ranked the top six in the world during the mining period. The number of registered users exceeded one million. It has set a turnover of over 10 billion per day. On July 13, 2019, it officially changed its name to OCX Exchange, and began group transformation in August. In August 2019, the group began to add OCX LABS and OCX CLOUD, the strategic investment means that the OCX exchange will officially enter the Southeast Asian market. Tengda will also cooperate with OCX Group to continuously increase investment in the global market development and technology of blockchain and promote the development of global blockchain technology.

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