New species GSL "Godzilla" struck "Huobi Indonesia" is about to be launched worldwide!
6days ago

On September 9th, 2019, on the first anniversary of Huobi Indonesia's first anniversary, the "Global Circulation Industry Public Chain" GSL "Godzilla" was born under the eyes of hundreds of industry elites, and its digital assets were released. It will also land on the Indonesian Stock Exchange in the near future.


The era of great times will inevitably emerge as “the power of governance”, and GSL is positioned in the digital economic service platform of the global circulation industry. As a global “decentralization” of “industry Internet solutions in the field of circulation”, GSL focuses on the global commodity circulation market, accelerates the digitalization and certification development of the circulation industry, the emergence of the era of "commercial republic" with consensus, value, and shared thinking.

"Godzilla" justice values

For more than 30 years, Internet companies represented by Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and have played a vital role in the world's trade circulation. This kind of traffic-centric, information flow distribution as the main means of consumer Internet only solves the problem of link and efficiency at the end of the entire circulation industry chain, but the production-brand-distribution basic industry chain is still very traditional, and there is still information interconnection. Weakness in interoperability, difficulty in the allocation of marketing resources, high financial cost thresholds, and low efficiency in supply chain operations.

Years of supply chain precipitation have given GSL a deep understanding and insight into industry bottlenecks and operational rules. Under the catalysis of the Internet and blockchain thinking, GSL integrates the superiority of the supply chain, forms the supply chain cloud service capability, promotes the digital development of the entire supply chain process, and enables the supply chain cloud capability to be shared openly through social and citation. Encourage and activate enterprises and individuals, and finally realize the digital coordinated development of the industrial economy. The GSL model is simply a synergistic effect of “Industry Internet + Certified Economy”, which is the first in the world.


As the first value-for-money in the global circulation industry with real-life application scenarios, the emergence of GSL has reshaped the two-circle game rules of the blockchain chain: starting from the pain points of the industry and creating an ecological-level application scenario. It has a digital asset evaluable system in the financial dimension and a strategic path of sustainable development. “Aircoin” may still exist for a long time. GSL expects to use “new value consensus” to purify “air thinking” like “Godzilla”, bringing a whole new value perspective to the whole industry and letting humanity Begin to rethink the value orientation of the blockchain to society and business, and Nirvana is born again.

Don't forget the original intention to make blockchains capable of commercial entities



“GSL Global Circulation Industry Public Chain” will focus on building “person-centered” consumer services and “distributed enterprise customers (terminals)-centric” circulation-based services, and build them with the core as a core connectivity tool. A value-based circulation system of “consumer-retailer-distributor-brander-producer-raw material supplier”.

GSL’s “Tongxun Mall”, which has been launched first, has built thousands of core communities, monthly GMVs of hundreds of millions of new retail application scenarios, and matched the benefits of the card with platform revenues, allowing the certificate to break away from the “secondary market idling”. The application of the pass-through model solves the problems of high CAC (acquired cost) and low LTV (user lifetime value) of traditional retail platforms on a large scale, and the platform repurchase rate is as high as 91%. For the first time, GSL allows the certificate to measure and estimate the value of digital assets through traditional stock valuation methods such as price-to-earnings ratio and price-to-book ratio. This is a great contribution and promotion to the industry's certification.

The GSL team comes from the industry elites of the supply chain, the Internet, and the blockchain. Its long-term experience makes the industry's understanding and insights profound, and its determination to apply the Internet + Certified thinking to change the status quo of the distribution industry is also very firm. The team adheres to the initial intention of “making the blockchain capable of commercial nature”, and its value concept of long-term development can be seen everywhere. Because the project itself has a strong hematopoietic capacity (the platform has been profitable), GSL has never had any fundraising behavior, and the team incentives have also been locked for more than two years. The current Tokens are all contributed by the platform. The original intention of GSL will be more and more support and participation of people of insight, and more details will be reflected in the subsequent GSL white paper.


The "Godzilla" like the clear stream has received widespread attention once it was born. The person in charge of the fire coin said: “After experiencing the ebb and flow, the blockchain should be at the stage of returning to the essence of business and empowering the real economy. GSL has become an industry in the field of industrial certification and blockchain. Wind vane. We are willing to grow together with more 'Godla' people to explore and create a business society based on 'new consensus' and 'new contract'.

GSL "Godzilla" was born in a peaceful and joyful anniversary atmosphere, and a fresh and refined little monster came to the world with the blessing of everyone. As it has become so shocking, the legend about "GSL Godzilla" will be circulated for a long time.

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