With the rapid development of Internet plus and technology, human society has entered the digital economy era. As a new driving force for the development of the 21st century, blockchain has become the theme of the new era. How to effectively apply blockchain technology to create more value and wealth is a huge opportunity and challenge.


Blockchain technology originated in Bitcoin. Since 2009, the encryption assets especially Bitcoin have risen globally.Blockchain technology has gradually entered people's vision. From 2008 to 2018, Bitcoin price rise amazingly and surpassed gold. Reaching a peak of nearly 20,000 US dollars per coin, creating countless billionaires, the world revel in it. However, not long after the crazy rising ,the glory of the past began to disappear in early 2018. The pain points in the market have been exposed. People began to rethink on whether the encryption  assets is really valuable. Is there liquidity and market demand?

There is an urgent need to start a new exploration. At this time, the encryption asset AJM came into being. It is known as the twin brother of Bitcoin. It is constantly upgrading on the basis of Bitcoin, not only own the world's leading core technology development team with independent intellectual property rights but also has strong strength and competitive advantages in software development and implementation, technical services, system integration and system maintenance,which make it has the potential strength to change the world.

AJM is a public blockchain project based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology. It has its own independent main chain and is the world leader. It has completely surpassed BTC and ETH. Its data cannot be tampered with, supports big data analysis, open API interface, provides a distributed underlying framework, and creates a reliable environment for Dapp developers, supports smart contracts and has self-matching function.

Based on the deep exploration of the blockchain industry, AJM has created eight ecological application scenarios, namely, double wallet, resonant V pool, AVD advertising, stamp fission, on-chain contract, anonymous social intercourse, on-chain sales contract, OTC group. Among them, AJM's core function is resonance trading, which resonance with BTC to make a decentralized global currency. In the near future, AJM will become one of the world's top ten main token asset.It will exist in people's food, clothing, housing, transportation,online shopping, offline consumption, entertainment and so on.


AJM's ultimate ecological goal is to build a global digital bank that will make billions of people around the world a user and beneficiary of AJM. In the AJM ecosystem structure, the construction of digital banking will consider on consumers, investors, traditional banks, digital customers, etc., By solving the shortcomings of traditional banks ,AJM will achieve cross-border settlement and globalization of digital banking.

This is another sublimation of blockchain technology and it is also an excellent opportunity to redistribute encrypted assets like Bitcoin. AJM will join hands with encrypted digital enthusiasts around the world to create their own wealth free system and open a brand new decentralized wealth model.

Decentralized free life, starting from AJM!

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