T-ark Distributed Exchange is one of the world's leading decentralized digital asset trading platforms. It is dedicated to discovering high-quality innovative digital asset investment opportunities around the world and hopes to build a global token settlement empire through technological innovation, security protection and global payment.

Innovative technology, safety protection

For the financial system, security is the lifeline.

T-ark distributed exchange is a token platform based on blockchain 4.0 technology development.With supports of innovative technology such like issuance mechanism, key mechanism, audit mechanism, cross-chain licensing mechanism, wallet mechanism, online wallet mechanism, access mechanism, return mechanism, etc.and based on the team's excellent technical development strength,T-ark also independently developed a number of innovative safety technologies,pioneered a multi-currency cold-collecting and hot-generating wallet system to create a safe and reliable trading environment. Among the many exchanges, T-ark stands out with its own innovative safety system, which provides investors with multiple guarantees while ensuring the safety of their digital assets.


Global payment, strong strength

In addition to being technologically advanced, safe and reliable, T-ark also brings together of Internet technology talents from top universities in the world such as Silicon Valley and Cambridge, and hires technician to be responsible for Tark's technology development, maintenance and iteration.T-ark enhance their own security from every aspect.

With the continuous promotion of T-ark's "Global Plan", T-ark has reached a consensus with more than a thousand media organizations around the world. In the future, T-ark Exchange will rely on technical advantages such as fast transaction verification and massive data storage, fast synchronization of node data, secure private key access, and multiple privacy protection to open the door to global payment.

Global token Asset Settlement Ecological Empire

U-ark's functional development and strategy development are all around digital asset settlement. The team hopes to turn T-ark into a global token asset settlement ecological empire with ecology as the core of development. Based on this, T-ark reached a deep strategic cooperation with newbuy mall which is the first cross-border e-commerce that supports token trading. According to T-ark official news, Tark's payment system will be used as a payment tool for newbuy mall to provide online payment, asset storage, transfer and personal wealth management services to global shopping enthusiasts.  

The Tark payment system is an important part of the T-ark exchange's global token asset settlement empire. The Tark payment system uses its technical and ecological advantages to portray an epic future blueprint for the T-ark exchange.

★ Tark payment system has two super features of anonymity and possess 6 ecology advantages of security, multi-currency, fast speed, multi-account system, offline signature, multiple verification and open third-party ecology.

★ Tark payment system supports a variety of token payment, storage and transaction. It also integrates games, community, live broadcast and other applications. It is a truly decentralized comprehensive blockchain platform system.

★ The future plan is to enable 1 billion people worldwide to become users of the Tark payment system and create a global settlement ecology to finally realize the vision of digital bank.