Coinin and BLOCK GLOBAL, the leading Korean blockchain media and incubation investment platform, jointly announced that they will host the Seoul Block Night Seoul Event on September 30th in Seoul, South Korea. This event is exclusively sponsored by BKEX, BW.COM, Node Capital, co-sponsored by i5 Global Networks, ECO Sponsor, Brock Technology, Brock Capital, blocktimes, Beecast, Fire Online, B STARTS, Global Association of University Blockchain Enthusiasts, Global STO Industry Promotion Association, BlockchainNo.1, bitwin , Bitclub, DCConference, B Capitalist, DooriDoori, Saramnsaram, BLOCKCHAIN TODAY, delio, GENESIS, gate.io, HOTBIT, KuCoin, FOBLGATE, BRP, SEEKCHAIN, TODO BLOCK, EtherZero, co-organizer. 40 well-known blockchain institutions and 30 traditional Chinese and Korean VCs will join hands with Coinin to discuss the investment trend of blockchain in the next quarter in Seoul, South Korea.

As the core technology of the fourth industrial revolution, blockchains are rushing to promote the development of related industries. The blockchain week held by South Korea has won the attention of practitioners in the blockchain industry in various countries. It will open on September 27th until October 2nd. South Korea Blockchain Week has more than 15 events, more than 4,000 global industry practitioners will gather in Seoul, South Korea, including the famous smart contract father Nick Szabo, Ethereum founder V God, Wall Street predator Michael Novogratz and so on.

South Korea Blockchain Week Seoul Night hopes to link the chain of Chinese and Korean blockchain practitioners, blockchain industry and traditional industry people to accelerate the exchange and communication between blockchain and traditional investors. The development direction of the blockchain industry and the preparation for deep expansion into the blockchain field.

The guest lineup of this event is luxurious. The guests include Coinin&BLOCK GLOBAL CEO Allen, BKEX leader, node capital manager, BW.com Global CEO Athy Zhu, Bitclub leader, blockchain investment research institute president IK Song, i5 Global The person in charge of Networks and other guests. In addition, a number of Chinese and Korean capital institutions have also paid a high level of attention and enthusiasm for this event. The industry expects that at this event, the collision of thoughts from well-known experts from China, South Korea and the global blockchain industry will further promote the process of integration, incubation and landing of the blockchain industry and traditional industries.

Coinin & BLOCK GLOBAL CEO Allen said: "The development of the Korean blockchain is slightly later than that of China, but the industry is developing rapidly; the investment market is mature and open. I hope to explore the global development trend of the blockchain through our hosted Seoul night activities. A new round of bull market layout opportunities, deepen the cooperation between China and South Korea blockchain industry, accelerate the blockchain industry to achieve greater commercial and social value." 

Event registration link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/korea-blockchain-week-seoul-night-party-registration-73551537629