On September 25th, the “First Private Domain Traffic Consensus Summit and Panda Ecology Conference” was officially opened at Sheraton Shenzhen Grand China Hotel. The conference was co-hosted by Panda Eco and BLOCK GLOBAL. A number of investors and industry experts have an in-depth discussion of important points about private domain traffic. It can be said that the dry goods are full, and the wonderful points are summarized as follows.

The Panda Ecology consists of five major sections:

In the warm applause, Panda Eco CEO Jackie Wong officially released five major sections of the Panda Ecology: Panda Global Station, Panda University, Panda Asset Management, Panda Mining and Panda Technology.

1.Panda Globa Panda Global Station is a digital asset trading platform incubated and led by the Panda Ecology Fund. Panda Global is registered in the Republic of Seychelles to provide safe, simple and reliable digital asset trading services to users around the world. The Panda Global Station takes bank-level security, temperature-based user services, and global eco-value sharing as a breakthrough point, sharing the value to all users who contribute to the ecology and achieving their own digital finance.

2. Panda University is an innovative university for the future of global digital finance talents. It is committed to the exploration and research of blockchain technology and digital finance, and cultivates top talents in digital finance. Panda University launched the Global Hundred Open Course, the Thousand Air Class and the Million Alumni Alliance Program to build the first Whampoa Military Academy in the digital finance field.

3. Panda Asset Management is the world's leading de-financing financial (DeFi) platform, providing global users with comprehensive asset management services such as storage, lending and value-added of digital assets, using blockchain technology to enable asset value circulation and opening digital finance. New Era.

4. Panda Mining covers business areas such as mining machine trading, mining pool research and development, and mine operations. The business is distributed in many countries in the United States, Canada, Russia, Mongolia and other countries, providing users with a full range of services in the field of digital assets and mining.

5. Panda Technology is the world's leading digital financial technology company, mainly engaged in the research of digital asset quantitative hedging strategy and the underlying architecture of the brokerage platform. The team consists of financial experts with extensive experience in traditional finance and senior architects in the Internet, providing technology empowerment to globally renowned hedge funds and family offices in the digital finance arena.

The round table: how to break the bureaucracy - the consensus cost in the industry is increasing rapidly, and the new project traffic is in a serious form

The theme of the round table of the conference is “How to break the bureau – the consensus cost in the industry is increasing rapidly, and the new project traffic is vying for a serious form of war.” BLOCK GLOBAL founding partner/president & Brock Technology CEO Zhang Chaoran is the moderator, deep chain Financial founder Wang Peng, alpaca blockchain founder Lin Biao, pivot CEO Lin Yingming, Panda University executive president Eric Lee, Chuangshi Capital CEO Feng Chi, Chain Capital CEO Li Xiangmin, Consensus Lab CEO Ren Yi, founder of Chain Hing Capital Zhang Mingjing participated in the round table discussion.

Wang Peng, the founder of Shenzhen Chain Finance, believes that the current blockchain industry's exchanges and projects are successively one after another. How to drain has become the most troublesome issue for related projects.

Lin Biao, the founder of the Alpaca Blockchain, said that the current situation is a powerful and efficient way to build a “private domain traffic pool”.

The fulcrum CEO Lin Yingming believes that there are more than one way to solve the current difficulties faced by the industry through “private domain traffic”.

Eric Lee, Executive Director of Panda University, said that at the beginning of the development stage, many people's understanding is not deep enough, and they are not enough to understand the value that can be brought to society.

Chuangshi Capital CEO Fengchi believes that "private domain traffic" is an inevitable stage of enterprise development to the present.

Chain Capital CEO Li Xiangmin believes that from KOL to KOC, “private domain traffic” can help companies achieve the second curve growth.

Ren Yi, CEO of Consensus Labs, said that the era of stocks is coming, and companies need to continue to grow through private domain traffic as public domain traffic becomes saturated, creating more acceptable scenarios.

Zhang Mingjing, founder of Chain Hing Capital, believes that each KOC is a master or a high-level participant in a private domain traffic pool, and KOC achieves a high degree of connectivity, and multiple “private domain traffic pools” cooperate with the enterprise to achieve the second curve growth. is the most important.


During the conference, Southern Satellite was regarded as the Panda Eco CEO and the Principal of Panda University.

Reporter: China is at the forefront of the current global study of the digital economy. Before the central bank's digital currency was ready to come out, Shenzhen was listed as the first demonstration area of the digital economy. The Panda Ecology Choice was released in Shenzhen. Is it intentional?

Panda Eco CEO Jackie Wong:


The booming development of the blockchain industry is obvious to everyone. Both JP Morgan and Facebook are accelerating the deployment of digital currency. China's legal digital currency (DC/EP) research and development is also one of China's key tasks in the second half of 2019. In the global competition in the field of digital currency, China has already taken the lead in the world. In response to the call of the state, with the vision of helping the development of national digital currency, the panda ecology has emerged. Panda Ecology Inspiration is a complete financial ecological construction, making outstanding contributions to the development of blockchain and digital transformation.

Panda Eco CEO Jackie Wong interviewed by Southern Satellite TV

Reporter: Digital finance has risen to the national strategic level, but there are still many people who don't know enough about the nature of digital finance related technology. Is the establishment of Panda University related to this?

Principal Executive President of Panda University Eric Lee:

Digital finance brings to humanity an unprecedented subversion of the entire society, which will change the structure and operation of the existing business community. But at present he is still in the early stages of development, many people are not profound enough to understand him, and he is not enough to understand the value he can bring to society.

Panda University's mission is to develop a deep- and broad-based digital finance leader, explorer and innovator with a global vision and social responsibility. To cultivate top-notch digital financial talents around the world, to deliver the right values and to help the healthy development of digital finance.


Eric Lee, Executive President of Panda University, interviewed by Southern Satellite TV

So far, the first private domain traffic consensus summit and the Panda Ecology Conference ended perfectly, thanks to all the partners who provided support and help for the conference.

The following are the creditors of this conference (in no particular order):

Consensus Lab, Imagination Capital, Creation Capital, Virgin Capital, Chain Hing Capital, Coin World, Alpaca Block Chain, Deep Chain Finance, Brock Capital, Water Drop Capital, Three Chain Capital, Chain Capital, TFund, JC Capital, Pivot Capital, Pentax Capital, Bit Asset, Dade Capital, Yuncun Technology