On September 20th, the WBF2019 Indonesian Technology Conference was grandly opened at the Ritz-Carlton, Jakarta. The WBF Technology Conference is a technology summit of the well-known blockchain industry. The guests attending the WBF2019 Indonesian Technology Conference are leaders of the Indonesian Economic Development Affairs Department, the Indonesian Blockchain Association and Indonesian blockchain innovation companies. Nearly a thousand people from blockchain industry elites, quality project parties and professional media people from Australia, the Philippines, Vietnam and China. More than 30 top speakers will launch more than 20 keynote speeches and roundtable forums on hot topics such as digital currency, financial regulation, innovative applications and talent development. The conference focused on the innovation and development of the Asian blockchain, connecting the Southeast Asian blockchain market with zero distance and exploring new opportunities for industry development. This meeting is also an important preface for WBF to begin to lay out the Indonesian market.


Since its establishment in 2018, WBFex has practiced the concept of global strategic layout and localized intensive action. In the future, for the entire Southeast Asian market, WBF will continue to radiate in Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, and Jakarta as the base point, so that technological innovation and application innovation will have greater effects in the integration.

Why does WBFex choose the Southeast Asian Indonesian market as a force point? What are the advantages of WBF in this regard? In this regard, Beecast interviewed Xie Zhenqing, the head of the Indonesian market, and learned about the situation.


Beecast: Why did you choose Southeast Asia as the radiant point of the strategic layout? In addition, as far as I know, the cultural atmosphere of hard work in Indonesia is not as good as that in China. Is there any pressure to develop business here? How will the business of this follow-up be carried out?

Xie Zhenqing: Looking back at the historical development, from the rise of the first industrial revolution, we have seen the four small dragons in Asia, and then the trajectory of the rise and development of the Chinese economy. There is a clear line that the focus of economic development is the core area of manufacturing. At present, the manufacturing industry in Southeast Asia has already had a rising trend, so we believe that the next economic explosion will be in Southeast Asia, and there are many opportunities here. At present, the head exchanges, such as currency security, fire coins, OKEx have begun to lay out in Southeast Asia, we need to speed up the pace with the head exchange. In addition, our WBF registration in Singapore, radiation Southeast Asia is more convenient, this is the three main points.

When it comes to the operation of the Southeast Asian market, we have had two conferences for more than 2,000 people in Singapore, and held thousands of conferences in Vietnam and Indonesia, as well as events in the Philippines and Thailand. In almost every country in Southeast Asia, we have projects, media and community cooperation. We have accumulated 50,000 users in Vietnam for 3 months. This meeting in Jakarta is also a concentrated expression of our performance and strength in the Southeast Asian market.

As for the difficulties about the development of the Indonesian business you mentioned. The working status of Indonesian locals is indeed not as hard-working as the Chinese, but the consumption in Indonesia is high, the gap between the rich and the poor is large, and the people have rigid demand for digital asset allocation. And in fact, there are many projects around the world that come to Indonesia to develop. It can be said that we see Indonesia's opportunity, which is generated by global empowerment. This is the power of the trend. Looking at our conference, there are many excellent projects to showcase ourselves, so the prospects in the Indonesian market are very worthwhile. Moreover, local Indonesian people are very interested in our airdrop activities, as well as trading mining and other modes, so whether it is from the B side or the C side, we have no great resistance in promoting the market.

Subsequent WBF will continue to set up offices in various places, conduct business, and go online in various languages. Currently, we have offices in Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia. In Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, there are also corresponding business teams. At the same time, we will continue to expand and expand the local operations and business teams, and do a good job of localization while doing internationalization. We will also go online to meet the corresponding products and habits of local users.

Beecast: Just now you mentioned that fire Coin and OKEx are also in the Southeast Asian market. What are the advantages of WBFex in attracting quality projects?

Xie Zhenqing: First of all, our “First global release, on the WBF exchange” has successfully built into an influential brand. We efficiently allocate resources to all parties and value each quality project. The currency can be continuously queued and become one of the most common projects. Without any VIP support, WBFex will give the project the best experience and exclusive customized service with the most sincere and professional service.

In terms of specific advantages, WBFex has more than 3,000 media resources in the world, reaching more than 90% of the industry audience within 36 hours, helping the project parties to quickly launch a global declaration. Moreover, the project side is only the beginning of WBFex service, WBFex helps the project side integrate international resources through global 30 city activities to achieve global expansion. In addition, WBFex pays great attention to the construction of the community and the maintenance of community relations. It produces daily daily newspapers for the community, weekly weekly reports for the community, and community open days every two weeks.

WBFex has successfully helped a number of project partners to achieve their differentiated operating model, through one-to-one service, full tracking and cooperation with the project parties to achieve win-win. Moreover, WBFex rewards high-quality projects with the highest amount of money, and carries out mining activities in the last dollar, which can return 100% of the platform currency for the eligible projects. This is a precedent for the exchange industry.

From the progress of our development, WBFex is one of the fastest growing exchanges in 2019. The number of users has reached more than one million in the past three months, and the number of daily users is more than 50,000. It is in a period of rapid development. Moreover, WBFex is very focused on the construction of the B-side ecosystem. The founding team is the industry's top IP. WBFex has the most in-depth partners in the world, including New York, Dubai, Singapore, Japan, Korea and China. The project provides end-of-process project endorsement, strategic support, and top-level resource docking.

WBFex has very fast response capability in the process of serving the project party. It can do its best to meet the needs of the project party in the first time. At the same time, it pays great attention to the user experience, efficiently meets the user's needs, and can definitely give the project side users. Bring good operational and trading experience. WBFex borrows the world's top resources from the World Blockchain Conference to provide the project side with comprehensive resources and service support for the community, media, conferences, roadshows, etc., which is the only one in the whole network.

So even if the head exchange enters the Southeast Asian market, WBFex has the confidence and head exchange to benchmark and better find and support quality projects.

Beecast : From the launch to the present, what is the trading volume of WBFex? How many projects have been on WBFex? How is the project assessed?

Xie Zhenqing: Since the official operation of WBFex in May, our daily trading volume has reached 1.5 billion, the total number of users is close to 1.2 million, and the daily active users are around 50,000. Every day, there are registered users from overseas countries, mainly in East Asia. Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States.

At present, we have launched nearly 90 currencies and more than 100 trading pairs. In terms of various fee settlements, all of them are benchmarking international first-tier exchanges.

In terms of project selection and evaluation, we believe that good projects must match the development trend of the industry, with large traffic growth space, leading technology, advanced models, rich application scenarios, reasonable design of the economic model and friendly team background. In this regard, we have introduced the top three risk management teams in the world, mainly from the aspects of community activity, number of currency holders and application scenarios, and negotiated with the project parties according to different evaluation results.

Beecast: What achievements have WBFex achieved at the current global layout? What is the international operation strategy?

Xie Zhenqing: At present, we have 13 physical offices around the world, including Wall Street in New York, London, Berlin in Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan and so on. This is an advantage, meaning that we can more easily carry out a global business layout.

In terms of staffing, we now have 130 people and will expand to 500 by the end of the year. Some of the personnel have been sent to countries such as Vietnam, South Korea and Japan. More than half of our team members have Wall Street background, 70% have master's degree or above, and core members come from New York, Singapore, China and other regions, leading the exchange to develop in a globalized manner.

WBFex also has more than 3,000 media resources covering the world. The industry has rich experience and new models, and its advantages are outstanding.

At present, the “Bring 30 project parties and travel to 30 cities around the world” eco-expansion plan is underway. It has traveled to 30 hotspot cities in the global blockchain. It has completed Hong Kong, Manila, Vietnam, Japan, Jakarta and other stations. Next is New York.