1. Hoard AJM coins (make profits from the rise and fall)

After installing/registering AJM APP and activating the AID, you can enjoy the full network trust stamp ranking, which is equivalent to burying a zero cost mining machine. And now buy AJM, just like buying BTC in 2009, the sooner you buy, the more you earn.

2. Fission promotion AID

1 drags 12, direct recommendation an AID needs to pay 500 AJM, direct recommendation award 15% is 75 AJM, extra award 5% is 25 AJM. Except for direct recommendation, the number of extra awards for each new AID added is 5%, which is 25 AJM, 12 by 12 matrix, and the team is very scary.

After you set up the system when the price of AJM is low, the rewards will be amazing. There were 12 layers, 12 on the first layer, 144 on the second layer, and 1728 on the third layer....... If all the 12 layers are full, there will be 9.7 trillion people totally.

3. Light node income

Have all the AID rights, enjoy the extra rewards, and participate in the Lucky20 draw of the light master node in each block.

4. The income of the super master node

Obtain 35% of the transaction fee;

Get 50% of the daily mining pool reward;

Participate in the Top10 competition and allocate 50% of the V pool resonance BTC last week according to the weight.

5. AJM smart contract cloud mining

Any identity user locking 10000 AJM can apply to become a miner, adding a computing power when locking every 1000AJM. Miners' income: 35% of the transaction fee and 50% of the daily mining pool rewards and allocated by weight.

AJM uses the RPCA/POS work certificate to issue the new currency. The mining revenue is closely related to fission promotion. RPCA/POS and fission AID have a hedging balance mechanism. In short, the more AJM consumed by the newly added AID in the last block week, the more rewards the current weekly mining and supernodes in this block will get vice versa. The more computing power you have, the more blocks you participate in the recording and the higher you earn.

6. Open the distributed OTC group function

Who creates an OTC group, then he is the group owner. You can get a fixed-rate commission for each OTC transaction. The specific ratio is up to you. For example, if you charge 1 AJM per transaction, your daily income is 100AJM if the group trade volume is 100 a day; another income is the new member's membership fee, which is also set by the group owner. Suppose if you charge one AJM each member, and your entire group contains 1,000 people, that is, the income is 1000AJM.


7. Chain  business contract

All DAPPs can be directly connected to achieve a seamless connection of the stamp network body. Each layer among the 12 layers of the stamp network body will be allocated the profit equally which is set by the merchant to realize the network harmony. For example, a tea merchant successfully connects AJM, the tentative profit ratio is 1%, assuming 1 box of tea sells 100Aollar,  as long as your AID in your 12-layer system buy the tea of this merchant, you can get 1 Dollar profit;if your system  buy 1000 boxes of tea, you have a 1000Aollar profit distribution. If you build the trust stamp system in the early stage, it means that you will have 9.7 trillion user consumption related to you, which will be a very big benefit.

While seeing the benefits, you will also become a promoter of chain merchants, which will encourage more merchants to connect AJM to acquire this part of users. In this process, AJM is needed as fuel and also helps AJM price increase.

8. Initial ecology construction stage

The initial ecology construction fund totally 120 million Dollar, which was used for agreement bonus of Surface Web website construction, listing bonus for exchanges, listing bonus for a mining pool, building super master bonus for blockchain industry star, free consensus society torchbearer reward and market data platform showing bonus