According to statistics, the annual market value of counterfeit and shoddy products in the world reaches 300 billion US dollars, which accounts for 10% of the total world trade. As a concentrated labor force in China, under the strong imitation ability, the market value of counterfeit and counterfeit products has reached 30-400 billion yuan. Especially in the fields of currency, medicine, agricultural products, cosmetics, clothing, agricultural products, automobile and agricultural machinery parts, audio-visual products, software and computer chips, etc., which have become more falsified and infringed, it has become a "hardest hit" for counterfeit and shoddy goods. Counterfeit and shoddy products have always been one of the problems that must be solved in the advancement of society. Traceability basically represents the protection of property rights. The increasingly serious problem of food and medicine directly harms life and also represents the respect for the ecological environment and health. SRE traces the roots, and it is not only social responsibility, but also an inevitable trend of social development.

The emergence of blockchain technology is like the New World of the information age. Whether you recognize it or not, it is affecting and changing the present and future of mankind. Blockchain technology is applied to the field of traceability, and it is a ground-breaking application case.

Blockchain technology and commodity traceability have natural fit and inevitability. The main reason is that the blockchain traceability code is unique and cannot be falsified. It can realize the point-to-point responsibility tracking of things, and can also optimize and integrate the traceability process. Secondly, the “vaccination fraud” falsification phenomenon in medical incidents has caused the existing authentication methods to be questioned, and human beings are further arousing the society’s attention to commodity traceability. In this context, "blockchain + traceability" has ignited the expectations and enthusiasm of new technology solutions outside the industry.

The emergence of SRE traceability is an inevitable outcome of social development and human pursuit of essence, and is an inevitable situation in the advancement of society. SRE has been thinking about the true value of the blockchain. The real business scenario + blockchain is just an optimization of the existing business, and the real value lies in the contribution to the society, whether it promotes the social change, whether it is solved. Some social contradictions and problems that are unbearable in the current environment.

Therefore, the SRE team believes that the real value of the blockchain is to use the decentralized characteristics of the traceable public chain and the token economic reward mechanism to subvert the traceability industry. Only in this way can the blockchain be distinguished from the current certification method and its concept and value can be realized. Therefore, the SRE team adheres to the fundamentals of traceability, and also focuses on the traceability field with great potential based on its true concept and its deep industry and industry background. It is the first to use the layer2 architecture and support cross-chain transactions, solve the current blockchain impossible triangle, the collection of product traceability and data traceability in the two core areas of the public chain, become the leader of the blockchain traceability services.

SRE is a high-performance public system developed by its development team. With the changes of the times, the project team rethinks and positions the development direction of blockchain technology, aiming to become the source of traceability and provide a trust engine for the entire traceability network. Before the establishment of the SRE source tracking platform, its original idea was to prevent and eliminate the potential safety hazards of the products, to ensure that the products can be traced from the field to the table, and completely solve the safe use of food. But as team members deepen their understanding of traceability, the SRE team introduced more application scenarios. In the future, the SRE team will carry out many layouts in the field of physical traceability, including products, medicines, mothers and children, tobacco and alcohol, luxury goods, cosmetics, publishing and IP copyrights, and art collections.

The SRE project has been able to continue to develop healthily and gradually become the leader of today's blockchain traceability services. This is inseparable from the unremitting efforts of the core team of the project and the original belief that the project has achieved one after another. A brilliant achievement has received the attention and recognition of the society.

As the global economy continues to decline, the global economic environment is gradually deteriorating, and more and more projects and enterprises are gradually moving to the bottleneck. In such a harsh environment, the SRE core team relies on its excellent team cohesion and execution. The strength and the keen ability to control the market are deeply rooted in the traceability of the blockchain. From the beginning, we will continue to optimize the business model, promote innovation, and start from the beginning of the food traceability field. With its rich industry experience, it is ahead of others. The technology of the industry has laid a solid foundation in the two fields of product traceability and data traceability.

Let us walk into the SRE core team and learn about the elites of the era that led the SRE giants to ride the wind and waves.

Zenia Young is one of the founders of the SRE project. In 2014, he studied university majors as “International Economy and Trade” and has a strong interest and sensitivity to finance. In 2015, he worked as an exchange student at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, while in New Zealand. One of the largest agricultural companies - PGG Wrightson internship; in 2017, internship in the Alibaba business unit, which is mainly involved in digital business, data platform, information platform, and participate in the group's new strategic business-Hema; 2018 After graduating from China and New Zealand, he joined Alibaba Group and was responsible for B2B and B2C international work. In 2018, he founded the SRE project and built a traceable industry standard.

Zenia Young has extensive experience, is familiar with the rules of the market industry, and has a deep understanding of the pain points in the industry at this stage. He is also an excellent leader. Under his leadership, the SRE team can clearly understand what exactly is needed in the current market, and where is the direction of SRE going forward? In the ever-changing market, we can accurately grasp the current context and apply the power to the extreme.

Samuel is the COO of the SRE project and is a co-director of the Soure Foundation, a continuous entrepreneur, a blockchain industry explorer, and an early participant in the digital currency market. He has many years of experience in the Internet industry and the financial industry. He is responsible for market development and marketing, as well as product operations. He has achieved a single monthly active data for an Internet product operation.

Samuel has been involved in the early development of digital currency, witnessed the rise and fall of the digital currency field, and witnessed the short-lived projects of many projects, a clear understanding of the digital currency industry in the blockchain field, coupled with a rich Internet, The experience in the financial sector has developed a market development strategy for a detailed and improved SRE project, bringing a large number of users to the SRE ecosystem.

Chirs Lee is the CTO of the SRE program and attends the University of Auckland, New Zealand. His parents are high-school students from the University of Hong Kong and moved from Hong Kong to New Zealand. In 2006, he obtained a double degree in mathematics and physics. Later, he entered the Princeton University in the United States to study for a doctorate. At the age of 24, he was hired as a full professor at Unitec University in New Zealand and became the youngest full professor at the school. He was named one of the most influential people in the world by many media.

At the same time, bridging the University of California and the school to conduct in-depth discussion and communication on the blockchain technology. Chirs Lee also worked as a full-stack engineer at Amesto, Ignite and Lexit, developing the most advanced Ethereum client and wallet applications.

This is also the core reason why the SRE traceability system can lead many other blockchain traceability systems and become the leader of the blockchain traceability system. The advanced technology talents bring the technology ahead of the times.

The lineup of members of the SRE Advisory team is very luxurious.

Yu Bancheng, a construction engineering teacher, a founding partner of Daily Finance, a partner in Nuclear Finance and Chain Financial, a senior blockchain industry research expert, and a special researcher at the Space Science Laboratory of the University of Electronic Science and Technology. In 2011, he contacted P2P, began to understand virtual currency in 2012, and became the first VC fund in the investment circle in 2013, becoming the first venture partner of LP and BM; Investing EOS founder Dan larimer based on the dpos agreement, the first startup company invitus, Li Xiaolai Bit Fund, Yinyu Mining Machinery, etc., in 2015, successively invested in some traditional VC projects; In 2016, he started a partnership to start an Internet media, and published related books such as the “Logic of Survival in the Blockchain World”.

Hewlett-Packard Development Company, LP (referred to as HP), a well-known IT company in the Silicon Valley of the United States, is divided into two Fortune 500 companies, respectively Hewlett Packard Enterprise (referred to as the Hewlett Packard Enterprise) HPE) and HP Inc. HPE China will continue to maintain direct sales and service in the Chinese market on Aruba's network, financial services and enterprise-level solutions and integration services.

China Asia United Investment Group, which has been committed to supporting and investing in enterprises with high value-added space and great development potential. In recent years, it has invested in more than 500 companies with a total investment of over 100 billion yuan. . It has good cooperation with domestic and international famous funds, trusts and investment institutions. The group has been carrying out a large number of placements and investments in the blockchain field since 12 years. Existing Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, etc. A number of companies dedicated to the practical application of blockchains have more than 10 companies, with nearly 20 domestic top blockchain technology experts and more than 200 technicians.

On the road of picking up the gold to go to the falsehood, the SRE team will continue to pursue the traceability and continue to follow the idea of not forgetting the original heart. Let the world have a pure land; let all things have a trust, restore a living environment that depends on dependence; SRE has a long way to go, and the attitude of thin ice will be the cautiousness of the team's social responsibility. The times are developing, the society is improving, and the SRE project will be the transformation of the times. Its application will be an inevitable outcome of social development.