Leading Korean blockchain media and incubation investment platform Coinin and FINWEX, BLUCON and TREELION continue to host the IFIC 2019 Global Financial Technology Innovation Summit-Seoul on October 14th. The summit will be held by Node Capital, JRRCrypto, QUEST-ETERNAL GROUP, Co-sponsored by Ke Yin Capital, Six-Dimensional Quantum and xensor. The partners of the summit include NEO, ONTology,, EOS, GENESIS, Dash, DigiFinex, Brock Technology, Golden Finance, blocktimes, Beecast, BLOCKCHAIN TODAY,,, TVCC, etc. provide support. This summit will invite many representative industry experts to open the future of global financial technology.

In the IFIC 2019 SEOUL Summit, the theme of Unlocking the New Economy is to introduce the digital economy, the core financial technology of the new economy, blockchain, and encryption assets. This summit gathered a number of blockchain experts to conduct in-depth discussions on the status quo and problems of various projects and national blockchain technologies. In addition, the summit will bring together more than 20 outstanding entrepreneurial teams at home and abroad to connect with high-quality investment institutions. Not only that, blockchain experts plan to help NGOs with hungry children around the world. I hope more people will participate in the sharing economy created by this new technology and the new economic protagonists.

The event's guest lineup is luxurious. Corporate guests include Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver, Dash NEXT Felix Mago, NEO Dahongfei, EOS Swedish co-founder and CTO Eric Björk, GENESIS partner Li Rongbin, JRR Crypto partner Rick Feng, BLOCK GLOBAL Founder and Chairman Shi Yanqiang and other heavyweight guests will attend the summit. On October 14, a number of traditional funds from China and South Korea and well-known blockchain institutions gathered to develop new strengths in the blockchain

The global financial technology market is accelerating, and financial technology has become an emerging field for financial competition and financial resource allocation in the context of the information age. The IFIC 2019 Global Financial Technology Innovation Summit hopes to link the global blockchain practitioners and explore the current status and problems of blockchain technology in various countries to further promote the development of global financial technology and accelerate the innovation of the next wave of business models.

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