(AITC Lianchuang Conference and the U-Exchange Conference)

(AITC Lianchuang Conference and the U-Exchange Conference)

On November 10, 2019, the "AITC Lianchuang Conference & Coin Exchange Conference" was successfully held in Zhengzhou. The conference was hosted by Zhiyou Chain Love Technology Co., Ltd., the U-Exchange, co-hosted by BLOCK GLOBA, and co-organized by Brock Technology, Coinin, Blocktimes, Beecast, BLOCK ECO FUND, Fire Online, GCBA, GSIPA, BlockchainNo.1. Golden Finance, Mars Finance, Deep Chain Finance, Hunting Cloud Finance, Ear Finance, Elephant Finance, Blocklike, Alpaca Block Chain, World Chain Finance, FN.COM, UP Chain, Bit Vientiane, Coin Treasure, Chain Century Finance, Zero Knowledge Blockchain, Mammoth Finance, New Finance, Fog Finance, Chain World, Mengniu Information, Blockchain Blue Ocean, 18 District MEDIA, Hubox, Coin Report, Wali Community, CoinON, Coin Ma Wen, U News For the cooperation media. The conference focused on the application of blockchain technology and the security of digital asset transactions. The aim is to provide solutions for high-quality projects that solve the industry's pain points through blockchain technology and realize industrial transformation and upgrading. Invited many elite talents in the blockchain industry, many well-known VCs, exchanges, traditional large enterprises, community KOL gathered here, the audience at the scene gathered full of scenes. The round-table forum held during the period shared a lot of high-quality content for many guests, and finally the conference ended in a warm and enthusiastic atmosphere.

(BLOCK ECO FUND VP/passenger expert Yuhu)

BLOCK ECO FUND VP/password design expert Yu Hu came to the stage to give a speech. He introduced BLOCK GLOBAL's global ecology and development plan in detail. [BLOCK GLOBAL] is committed to building the world's leading blockchain technology media group to "converge international information. Linking global resources and empowering economic development is a mission to serve entrepreneurs and investors in the global blockchain sector. Since its establishment in March 2018, [BLOCK GLOBAL] and its eco-brands have successively obtained the support of Liu Li, Beechat Fund, Goopal Group, Achain Eco-Fund, Hashi Capital, Wang Chuyun, Ledger Capital, Shanggu Capital, Keyin Capital, Liu Zhe. Lu Jun, Heyi Capital, Yuandao Capital, Qidi Chain Network, Xufan Fund, Chain People International and many other well-known investment institutions/individual investment.

At present, [BLOCK GLOBAL] covers [Block Technology], [blocktimes], [Coinin], [Beecast], [BLOCK GLOBAL ECO FUND] and [Fire Online], and established the [Global University Blockchain Fans Alliance] 】, [Global STO Industry Promotion Association], and invested in dozens of upstream and downstream enterprises in the blockchain, basically completed the ecological layout of the blockchain industry and the full layout of the Asian blockchain media.

(Director of Hong Kong Flint Planet Capital Holdings Group / President of Shenzhen Zhiyou Chain AI Technology Co., Ltd.)

Director of Hong Kong Flint Planet Capital Holdings Group / President of Shenzhen Zhiyou Chain AI Technology Co., Ltd. / President of AITC Operations Kong Zhao took the stage to address the guests. He introduced the commercial ecological value and application of the project to the guests present. "Flint Chain Love" is a new eco-tourism business innovation model based on the bottom layer technology of blockchain. Through the strong technical team strength, the bottom layer technology of the blockchain + community +5G + social short video + artificial intelligence AI + net red economy grafting To traditional tourism. Through the landing dapp to achieve all-round resource integration, leading and refactoring the entire tourism industry, and then to achieve the theme of global tourism, with the goal of the national guides to apply the ecological public chain.

(Chong Tao, CEO of the U Exchange)

Zhong Tao, CEO of the Currency U Exchange, took the stage to deliver a speech. He explained in detail the application development of blockchain technology in the entire financial field. As for the special status of the exchange as a digital asset market, digital asset transaction security, technological breakthroughs, policies, supervision and other aspects talked about their own views, and introduced the currency U transaction. The Currency U Exchange is a new community autonomous digital asset trading platform that integrates security, transparency, efficiency and diversification. Adhering to the development philosophy of “practice technology, help development; achieve self, embrace the future”, it provides guidance for more industries to achieve transformation and upgrading of quality projects through blockchain technology. To ensure that all investors can provide safer, more reliable and reliable digital asset trading and asset custody services. Relying on the existing huge community resources and more than 40 global blockchain incubators, the U-Exchange has helped the construction of a consensus mechanism for high-quality and long-term industries with more professional technical strength and rigorous work attitude. Provide fair and equitable one-stop blockchain finance and digital asset trading services.

(The Roundtable Forum on the Theme of Ecological Security and Privacy Protection in the Blockchain Industry)

Afterwards, the roundtable forum was held with the theme of “On the ecological security and privacy protection of the blockchain industry”. The forum was hosted by BLOCK ECO FUND VP/passenger design expert Yuhu, and the president/coach technology of the currency U exchange. Senior Instructor / Flint Eco-sponsor Liu Haiqing, Coin U Exchange Technical Director Zhang Qing, Twisted Ultimate Master / Coin World Top V Card, APAY Founder Feng Xiaonan, Quangt Asset Management Founding Partner Rachel as a special guest Discussions and opinions on the ecological security and privacy protection of the blockchain industry were published.

(The picture shows the Flint Eco-Initiator / Flint Chain Love Co-Founder / Coin U Exchange General Counsel / Asia Blockchain Research Institute Chief Expert / International Financial Holdings Executive Director Wang Sui Ling)

Flint Eco-Initiator / Flint Chain Love Co-Founder / Coin U Exchange General Counsel / Asia Blockchain Research Institute Chief Expert / International Financial Holdings Executive Director Wang Sui Ling delivered a speech, for the guests on the management and operation of the community and consensus building Did share. Introduced the development and planning of the Flint Ecological Community. The Flint Ecological Community currently has more than 1.3 million loyal fans at home and abroad, and the community is still growing and growing. The Fushi Ecological Community is committed to building a consensus mechanism for the transformation and upgrading of various industries through blockchain technology, and to provide professional incubation guidance and services.

( Zhong Tao, CEO of Currency U Exchange)

After the meeting, the reporter conducted an exclusive interview with Zhong Tao, CEO of the Currency U Exchange, on the future development direction of the Currency U Exchange. He said that in the future, the currency U will pay more attention to the direction of the enterprise. Through the forms of equity, certificate, dividends, etc., the coin circle will no longer have the saying of “chives”, so that all coins can realize real value and create full-line profits. 

(the president of AITC Operations Kong Zhao)

Kong Zhao, the president of AITC Operations, shared an interview with reporters on “the current state support for the application of blockchain”. He said that at present, the blockchain industry has great advantages in terms of national policies. The state will issue relevant licenses in the blockchain industry. AITC took the lead in becoming the first batch of licenses issued by China Digital Assets Research Institute for China's encrypted digital + blockchain incubator R&D base. It is the first batch of pilot units that have obtained national honorary licenses throughout Shenzhen and even the whole country.

The conference was well received by the guests present, so that all participants felt that Ruizhe peers in the future. Looking forward to the future of the blockchain. At the same time, I was extremely excited about the wealth dividend brought by the pass-through economy that I could grasp the trend and participate in the blockchain technology. I had a clear understanding of the trend and direction of future industry development, and finally held a rich VIP. The dinner, the conference ended in the perfection of many guests, brought a lot of guests a memorable night.