(The cocktail party scene)

(The cocktail party scene)

Block Technology Singapore Live Report:November 12th, The Night of ALPHA Foundation Alliance was hosted in Singapore by IDAX, BLOCK GLOBAL, DigiFinex and Coinbucks, co-oraganied by Block Technology, Coinin, Blocktimes, Beecast, BLOCK ECO FUND, Fire Online, GCBA, GSIPA, Blockchain No.1 and other 30+ medias. As one of the first countries to establish the legalization of digital currency, Singapore has been at the forefront of the world in terms of Internet of Things construction, blockchain technology and digital currency investment. The Alpha Community Fund (AFA) is jointly launched by IDAX and DigiFinex, the world's leading digital currency trading platforms, and Coinbucks, a blockchain resource integration platform, to create a safe, healthy and profitable investment environment. On November 12th, the Alpha Community Fund (AFA) hosted a high-end cocktail party, and invited people from all walks of life, the industry's top media, and community big coffee to gather in Singapore. The scene of the guests at the reception was full. The speeches held during the period shared a lot of high-quality content for many guests, and finally the conference ended in a warm and enthusiastic atmosphere.

( Kelly Wang, IDAX CMO, IDAX Xcelerator Partner)

Kelly Wang, Partner of IDAX. IDAX is a global digital financial services platform focused on blockchain asset trading. The platform brings together high-quality blockchain assets around the world to provide users with safe and convenient blockchain asset exchange services, supporting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other virtual currency.

(Ned Kee, CEO of DigiFinex)

Ned Kee, CEO of DigiFinex. The DigiFinex Exchange is one of the world's leading digital asset exchanges. It provides currency trading services for a range of blockchain assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, created by blockchain and digital asset enthusiasts.

(Shi Yanqiang, Chairman of Block Global)

BLOCK GLOBAL, Shi Yanqiang, delivered a speech introducing the overall ecology and development plan of BLOCK GLOBAL, the world's leading blockchain technology media group. At present, BLOCK GLOBAL covers “4 media companies + 2 industry associations, +1 eco-funds and +1 talent service companies”. In addition, BLOCK GLOBAL invested in more than ten blockchain upstream and downstream enterprises, basically completed the ecological layout of the blockchain industry and the full layout of the Asian blockchain media.

(MGLC Robert Wojciechowski)

After that, MGLC Robert Wojciechowski gave a keynote speech.

(Free communication time)

This party was well received by the guests. Many high-quality projects and wonderful roundtable forums shared a lot of sentiments for the participants, and they had a clear understanding of the future trends and trends of the industry. The reception was perfectly completed in the crowds of many guests, bringing a lot of guests a memorable night.