(The conference site)

(The conference site)

Block Technology Shenzhen Live Report: November 10-11, 2019 World First Double Eleventh Blockchain Day was hosted in Shenzhen by Bull Market Finance, Billion Alliance, BLOCK GLOBAL, co-hosted by DEEPTECH SPACE, BAFEEX, co-organized by f2pool, Jiasheng Data Technology, Baxter Mine Pool Amoy Alliance, Golden Finance, Huobi Indonesia, Brock Technology, Coinin, blocktimes, Beecast, Coin World, Mars Finance, BANKX, Diamond, SOLRCE, BLOCK ECO FUND, Fire Online, GCBA, GSIPA, BlockchainNo.1, Alpaca Blockchain, World Chain Finance, Richest Community Alliance, AEX, Leopard Finance, Flying Pigeon Blockchain, ETHEX.COM, Stark Technology, Gyro Finance, COINALL, HKEx.ONE. The event brought together hundreds of industry leaders, opinion leaders and project founders in the field of blockchain, digital assets, AI, etc., with the theme of “consensus, alliance, innovation”, focusing on application innovation, industry trends, etc. In order to enhance the block consensus, promote the block trading and circulation, and actively empower the benign evolution of the blockchain ecology. The conference invited top talents in the blockchain industry to gather in Shenzhen. The scene of the guests at the conference was full. The round-table forum held during the period shared a lot of high-quality content for many guests, and finally the conference ended in a warm and enthusiastic atmosphere.

(Bull market CEO Vicky)

Vicky Finance CEO Vicky took the stage to deliver a speech. She said that the million community is an important part of the bull market's financial and ecological strategy. In the future, we will vigorously develop overseas ecological nodes. In the field of blockchain, we will continue to develop our ecological ecosystem. Deep cultivation, contributing to the development of the blockchain field.

( Luo Xianqi, founder and CEO of Biotech)

Luo Xianqi, founder and CEO of Biotech, delivered a speech. He said that mining is a relatively safe way of investing in the blockchain field. With the advancement and development of the blockchain industry, more and more entrepreneurs are rushing. Into it, there is a digital currency pledge platform that promotes the value circulation of the blockchain mining field.

(BLOCK GLOBAL founder/Chairman Shi Yanqiang)

BLOCK GLOBAL founder/Chairman Shi Yanqiang took the stage to address the guests and gave a detailed introduction to the overall ecology and development plan of the world's leading blockchain technology media group BLOCK GLOBAL. Currently BLOCK GLOBAL covers “4 media companies +2” Industry associations +1 ecological funds + 1 talent service company". In addition, BLOCK GLOBAL invested in more than ten blockchain upstream and downstream enterprises, basically completed the ecological layout of the blockchain industry and the full layout of the Asian blockchain media. At this stage, the blockchain field is still in the stage of chaotic development. 2018 and 2019 are two years of important developments in the domestic blockchain field.

(Deeptech Space COO Mu Yiling)

Deeptech Space COO Mu Yiling delivered a speech on the stage. He said that the blockchain industry should be strongly advocated in the fields of technology and application, strengthen the formulation of relevant laws and regulations, and actively respond to national development plans.

( BlueHelix President Assistant Tina)

BlueHelix President Assistant Tina took the stage to deliver a speech. She said that BHEX focuses on the underlying basic technology services of DeFi, with cores such as the currency cloud (SaaS cloud exchange system), the currency trading platform, and the currency chain (cross-chain custody clearing chain). Function, from the current main blockchain encryption asset trading business, common technical indicators of centralized trading system, current mainstream blockchain asset trading platform API capacity standard comparison, centralization and decentralized trading system comparison, etc. The current status of asset exchange technology.

(The picture shows the CXC evangelist)
The CXC evangelist gave a speech on the stage. He said that CXC is a geek group of multinational technology finance experts who is creating a more advanced, scientific and fair asset creation and redistribution system. CXC believes that blockchain is the technology of Pratt & Whitney. No matter how difficult the underlying technology is, how the architecture is grand and diverse, believers and practitioners are obliged to use the most popular language logic to communicate to the society. What CXC is doing is how to make the blockchain simple.

(Round table on the blockchain entrepreneurship and investment in the 5G era)

After that, the roundtable forum was held with the theme of “On the blockchain entrepreneurship and investment in the 5G era”. The forum was hosted by Zhenxiang Blockchain CEO/Chongjin Group executive vice president patricia, Diamond Network China Representative/Singapore Unlimited Fund Joint Node Xie Mingjun, Deeptech Space COO Mu Yiling, Bitao Technology Founder Luo Xianqi, and Hong Kong Ping An Securities Executive Director ALEX WAN participated in the discussion as a special guest, focusing on the blockchain entrepreneurship in the 5G era. The investment roads have each published relevant opinions. Xie Mingjun said that 5G technology has greatly promoted the blockchain technology. Mu Yiling said that the high network speed and low latency of 5G technology facilitates the large-scale application of blockchain technology in terms of landing applications and bandwidth. Luo Xianqi said that 5G technology has opened the era of Internet of Everything, and blockchain technology has solved the problem of social trust. The combination of the two can make a large number of blockchain applications fall into use. ALEX WAN said that the trust mechanism of blockchain technology is a great invention. With the combination of 5G technology, it has great innovation in the fields of traceability and security.

( Xiaogui Hua, founder of Guihua Technology)

Xiao Guihua, the founder of Guihua Technology, delivered a speech. She said that as the first owner of the country's largest thermal power mine, she believes that correct market judgment and operation are necessary conditions for leading the mining industry, and will come from a longer-term perspective. Look, compared to the current traditional financial industry, Bitcoin is relatively more profitable in the industry. After all, it involves more points. Even if the market does not work, mining does not make money, it is not possible to resell the mining machine. Mining machines do not make money, not financial products, and bitcoin mortgages. So if anyone can make money, someone will come in. The more people come in, the more value it will get.

(The founder of DDM Dongdamen Chain, Jin Fengjian)

Jin Fengjian, founder of DDM Dongdaemun Chain, delivered a speech. He introduced the current Korean blockchain market to the guests present and the many Korean blockchain companies as the global blockchain related policy areas changed. The influence of entrepreneurs, as an important part of global finance, China has greatly affected the global economic market. Therefore, with the continuous development of China's blockchain, South Korea is deeply affected by it, and more and more. Korean blockchain entrepreneurs began to focus on China.

(The picture shows "The Opportunities and Challenges of Mining Ecology in the New Era" Roundtable)

After that, the roundtable forum was held with the theme of “The Opportunities and Challenges of Mining Ecology in the New Era”. The forum was hosted by Luo Xianqi, founder and CEO of Biantao Technology. The blockchain three-point community promoter/blockchain XMAX Yu Hong, the early investor of the project, Yu Wei, founder of Zhijian Xinyun, Zhao Yingguang, founder of Longchi, Liu, the founder of Jiejie Mining, and CMO Qingqing, as special guests, participated in the discussion and revolved around the opportunities of mining ecology in the new era. And the challenges, each has published relevant views. Yuhong said that the development of mining in 2019 is relatively good and the professional level is getting higher and higher. If you want to enter this field, you must be cautious. Yu Wei said that mining should be carried out in many aspects, from the perspective of currency and consensus mechanisms. On the other hand, if you want to make a substantial profit, you should follow the national policy. Zhao Yingguang said that in the financial sector, with the promotion of the blockchain + Internet concept, more and more entrepreneurs are constantly pouring in, which should pay more attention to orderly development. Liu said that there are fewer options for mining, and there is a higher threshold for entry. At present, the prospect of mining is better under the stimulus of the industry. Qing Qing said that stability and safety are the most basic mining services. As the mining power of BTC and ETH continues to rise, competition in the mining field is gradually intensifying.

( Amber, vice president of BLOCK GLOBAL)

Amber, the vice president of BLOCK GLOBAL, delivered a speech. She gave a detailed introduction to the BLOCK GLOBAL global ecological and development plan. [BLOCK GLOBAL] is committed to building the world's leading blockchain technology media group to "converge international information, link global resources, and The mission of economic development is to serve entrepreneurs and investors in the global blockchain sector. Since its establishment in March 2018, [BLOCK GLOBAL] and its eco-brands have successively obtained Liu Li, Beechat Fund, Goopal Group, Achain Eco-Fund, Hashi Capital, Wang Chuyun, Ledger Capital, Shanggu Capital, Keyin Capital, Liu Zhe. Lu Jun, Heyi Capital, Yuandao Capital, Qidi Chain Network, Xufan Fund, Chain People International and many other well-known investment institutions/individual investment and support.
At present, [BLOCK GLOBAL] covers [Block Technology], [blocktimes], [Coinin], [Beecast], [BLOCK GLOBAL ECO FUND] and [Fire Online], and established the [Global University Blockchain Fans Alliance] 】, [Global STO Industry Promotion Association], and invested in dozens of upstream and downstream enterprises in the blockchain, basically completed the ecological layout of the blockchain industry and the full layout of the Asian blockchain media.

(The picture shows SRE co-founder Zenia)

SRE co-founder Zenia took the stage to deliver a speech. He said that at present, the market affected by counterfeit and shoddy products has reached 300 billion US dollars. The annual turnover of counterfeit and shoddy products has accounted for 10% of the total world trade. In China, under the powerful imitation production capacity, the scale of counterfeit and shoddy products made in China has exceeded 300-400 billion yuan, especially in medicine, food, cosmetics, clothing, agricultural products, auto agricultural machinery parts, audio-visual products, software computer chips. In areas where there are many frauds and infringements, it has become a “hardest hit” for counterfeit and shoddy goods. In the traditional traceability field, there are some difficulties in data source and information tampering. According to this situation, the SRE development team takes the blockchain technology as the core and adopts Layer 2's technical architecture to completely create a high-performance decentralized ID. Public system. SRE is committed to creating "linkers" and "identity credentials" centered on blockchain technology, providing solutions that are both flexible, easy to use and user-independent. SRE decentralized ID system, SRE traceability framework protocol layer, to create a more thorough decentralized blockchain ecosystem. For agricultural products, import and export products, medicines, tobacco and alcohol, and electronic products, from raw materials to commodities to consumers, the whole process of supervision can be traced and traceable.

(“How the blockchain industry will empower the real economy in the new normal context” round table)

After that, the roundtable forum on the theme of how the blockchain industry will enrich the real economy in the new normal background was held. The forum was hosted by Bibox's chief brand officer Bunny, ChainUP commercial director Zhong Shaohua and TNB founder Ji Xiaowu. TDiamond Network China Representative/Singapore Unlimited Fund Joint Node Person Zhou Wei, D Ball Eco Founder Jiang Dongfeng, and Chen Jiujin Service Founder Chen Jiu participated in the discussion as a special guest, focusing on how the blockchain industry will be empowered under the new normal background. The development of the real economy has issued relevant views. Zhong Shaohua said that the development of the blockchain field cannot be separated from the guidance of the government. Ji Xiaowu said that areas such as consensus and traceability have gradually been given new concepts with the development of blockchain technology. Zhou Wei said that the consensus is still a question of trust, and blockchain technology fundamentally solves the problem of trust in various fields.
Jiang Dongfeng said that the emergence of the equity system has promoted the great development of society, and the emergence of blockchain technology has brought about a system of universal certification, and new innovations have been made in the distribution and management of interests. Chen Jiu said that with the development of the blockchain, the traditional industry has gradually acquired new options, and the development of the blockchain field has reduced the pressure on the real economy.

( Deeptech Space CMO Merry)

Deeptech Space CMO Merry delivered a speech, she said that Deeptech Space incubator, the main business is the frontier science and technology project incubation + shared office. Deeptech Space is a space-as-a-service, organized, global, capital-rich service provider that redefines the way it works in the future. Deeptech Space invests in cutting-edge technology that is highly industrialized in the next 3-5 years. The DS incubator has a 4,500-square-share shared office space in downtown Futian, Shenzhen, and the Greater China International Exchange Square. Currently, Deeptech Space focuses on the incubator blockchain project.

( Hcoin CEO David)

Hcoin CEO David took the stage to deliver a speech. He introduced Hcoin to the guests from the platform data, user distribution, Hcoin ranking, operations, products, capital, values, user feedback, quality assets, security protection, responsibility, development route and other fields. Ideas and future development plans.

( "Digital Currency Regulatory Scale and Exchange Innovation" Roundtable)

After that, the roundtable forum was held with the theme of “Digital Currency Supervision Scale and Exchange Innovation”. The forum was hosted by Bank.xxx Asia Pacific Head 99, Coinall Vice President Rabbi Jiang, BLUE HELIX President Assistant Tina, Ethereum Exchange CMO/Austones Capital Founder Charlene, BAFEEX CPO Theresa, Hcoin CEO David, partner of the Indonesian Digital Currency Exchange, and Xiong Dan, as special guests, participated in the discussion, focusing on digital currency regulatory standards and exchange innovations. Published relevant views. Rabbi Jiang said that the biggest hidden danger in the development of blockchain at this stage is the security factor. According to Tina, compliance security is currently the most concerned issue for many blockchain companies. Xia Lin said that the choice of the exchange is essentially the choice of the team and managers behind it, the excellent team and managers to a certain extent to ensure the security of the exchange. Theresa said that product design and financial models are an important part of the exchange's ecosystem. David said that differentiated products bring assurance of traffic. Xiong Dan said that for exchanges, liquidity is a very important indicator, but it must also be constantly reformed and innovated.

(The award ceremony)

After that, the award ceremony of the mine theme was held. The most famous mining company in 2019, the most valuable mining model in 2019, the most popular mining platform in 2019, the 2019 outstanding investment institution, the most influential community in 2019, 2019 outstanding blockchain institutions, 2019 most popular digital asset trading platform and other awards.

(The picture shows the dinner party)

The conference was well received by the guests. The exhibition of many high-quality projects and the wonderful round-table forum sharing brought a lot of sentiments to the participants, and they had a clear understanding of the trend and direction of future industry development. Finally, a generous VIP dinner was held. This conference was the perfect ending in the crowds of many guests, bringing a lot of guests a memorable night.