The investment promotion for GAIA Coin on the GEX exchange is scheduled for June 17th.

The products provided according to the investment grade will also be confirmed and provided as follows.

< Promotional Products by the grade >

2 Lv > cosmetics(Fo/Sulwhasoo/Coreana or luxury pouch) in order of investment 500(EA) limited

3 Lv > cellphone or labtop, in order of investment 300(EA) limited

4 Lv > Large TV, in order of investment 200(EA) limited

5 Lv > 2 Carat DIA (ring or necklace) enclosed warranty, in order of investment 100(EA) limited

6 Lv > > 3 Carat DIA (ring or necklace) enclosed warranty, in order of investment 100(EA) limited

(May vary depending on circumstances)

< Promotional Products by the grade >

Korea's IOTC Group, which is building the largest use environment for GAIA Coin, has expanded its use to include education.

In partnership with JEMIX Home, a global private education institution, the company introduced a point payment system for multimedia-based educational content, and GAIA Coin was also confirmed to participate in the payment system. GAIA Coin will be used not only to pay for education but also to scholarships paid according to students' learning outcomes.

As such, GAIA is increasingly being used in various fields and is expected to continue to expand.

<the MOU with JEMIX Home>

< Donation to medical college scholarships, Cambodia >

IOTC Group also developed its own PAY app that can be used in conjunction with IPPS platforms and distributes it by country.

GAIA Coin can be used in online shopping malls and offline stores by switching points within PAY app. In addition, the inter-member rewards are applied according to consumption, resulting in additional income.

The use of PAY app is spreading rapidly throughout South Korea and Southeast Asia.

< IOTC PAY which GAIA can be used >