Regardless of the recent Bitcoin scam carried out through a Twitter hack, BTC price remained largely unaffected, only dropping about 1%.
Yesterday, 15th July, Twitter accounts of high-profile individuals, companies and crypto exchanges were hacked to post false bitcoin giveaways. The compromised Twitter accounts include prominent names like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Mike Bloomberg and many others. The Bitcoin hack also affected several corporate Twitter accounts like Uber, and Apple, as well as crypto exchange companies – Coinbase and Binance.
The scam tweets posted on the celebrities’ accounts passed the same information about a supposed bitcoin giveaway. The tweets also included a Bitcoin wallet address for making payments.Winklevoss added that the hackers behind the scam were in partnership with “CryptoForHealth,” an unknown group.
Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, reacted to the hack in a tweet he posted earlier today. In the tweet, he promised to keep people informed on the ongoing investigation regarding the incident. Hours later, the Twitter Support account posted an update, describing the hack as a “coordinated social engineering attack.” Twitter believes the hackers targeted some of the company’s employees that have access to internal systems and tools. However, certain unnamed sources claim that a “Twitter insider” was responsible for the massive hack.
As a result of the Bitcoin hack, Twitter partially shut down some access. Twitter locked down the targeted accounts and removed the tweets posted by the hackers.