A summary of why September’s winners were selected by Kyle Sonlin and Herwig Konings on the Security Token Show’s Company of the Week segment.

| Telos Tokenizes Croatian Real Estate with Katalyo

Blockchain competition for security token usage is starting to heat up as the EOSIO-based blockchain protocol Telos has officially announced its entrance into the security token space with real estate issuer Katalyo in Croatia. The value is said to be around €30 million and investors can expect dividend payments via stablecoin. For unlocking Croatian real estate to the world via tokens on a brand new blockchain for Security Tokens, Telos won Kyle’s Company of the Week for Episode 59 of the Security Token Show.



| MountX Bridges Canadian Real Estate to Mexican Investors with Vertalo

Staying in theme with real estate tokenization, Herwig also selected MountX Real Estate Capital for utilizing the Vertalo Real Estate platform to tokenize 15 properties over the coming year. Based out of Mexico, MountX is bringing real estate investment opportunities in Canada to investors in Mexico with its crowdfunding portal. As a natural evolution, these properties will be tokenized and investors will have the chance to manage their own investments directly via Vertalo’s real estate platform. A beautiful example of crowdfunding married with tokenization to enable next-generation real estate investing between foreign assets and investors.


| SGX Leads Institutional Tokenized Bond Issuance for Olam International

The Singapore Exchange (SGX), with HSBC Singapore and Temasek, has completed its first digital bond issuance for agri-food giant Olam International on SGX’s digital asset issuance, depository, and servicing platform to the tune of $400 Million. An additional $100 Million is planned as a follow-on issuance on the DAML-based platform (Digital Asset’s smart contract platform) that also leverages HSBC’s on-chain payments solution, which allows for programmatic settlement in multiple currencies to facilitate transfer of proceeds between the issuer, arranger and investor custodian. For helping the multi-billion dollar food, raw materials, and agriculture conglomerate issues its first digital corporate bond, Kyle chose SGX as his Company of the Week for Episode 60.


| Weland by BFine Promises to Enable Real Estate Investing for Just $100

Florida-based BFine announced plans to launch a mobile platform for real estate investing in Q2 of 2020 — all powered by the blockchain of course! Whether it is Shareable Asset out of Singapore for Episode 46, Tokai Tokyo out of Japan in Episode 52, Max Crowdfund out of Germany in episode 55, or even MountX from last week, Herwig loves picking real estate crowdfunding companies for Company of the Week so when he saw Weland promise easy, mobile-accessible, tokenized real estate investments for as little as $100, he just had to pick them.


 | REINNO Launches Real Estate Market Place with $200M+ Over 5   


Accredited investors globally can now participate in five different income-producing offerings, including both individual assets and diversified property portfolios for as little as $5,000 thanks to REINNO. Kyle knew for Episode 61 that REINNO was making big moves having interviewed CEO Victor Viktorov in the past. To learn that they went live and even launch a lending option for immediate liquidity to token buyers was news and recognition that had to be given out with a Company of the Week award.


| tZERO Receives ATS License to Launch Retail Broker-Dealer Platform

 In order to provide order-matching services and facilitate securities trading on behalf of issuers and investors, a firm must be registered as a broker-dealer with FINRA and be granted a license for an alternative trading system (ATS) license. tZERO currently relies on partnerships with broker-dealers like Dinosaur Financial to power their trading platforms. Now, tZERO is finally licensed to operate its own platform and offer an even smoother user experience. Getting such a license is no easy feat which is why Herwig awarded tZERO Company of the Week for the accomplishment.


 | HG Exchange Receives MAS Approval To Trade Security   


Singapore has proven itself as a leading security token ecosystem with the MAS regulator approving multiple security token exchanges to date already. Now joining iSTOX, 1X, and Capbridge is HG Exchange (HGX). The exchange leverages the Zilliqa blockchain and will be geared towards digital securities and traditional financial products alike. On top of all that, the firm claims to have a “consortium strategy” to bring 500,000 investors to the platform, and now with MAS approval, they can start doing just that — something that Kyle found was worth of winning Company of the Week.


| Digital Debt Capital Markets Raises £4.32M Series A Financing Round

And for Episode 62, Herwig chose Digital Debt Capital Markets, a fintech firm out of London, for raising more than $5,000,000 in a Series A financing round. The round was led by IPGL Ltd and David E. Rutter, the Founder & CEO of R3, which develops Corda Enterprise, the blockchain software powering its agoraPlatform. Coming from a $3,000,000 seed round a year prior, the company says its finished its internal testing and preparing for launch of their digital bond marketplace.


 | Science Blockchain Completes Digital Dividend of   

 VideoCoin Investment

For the final episode of the month, Kyle awarded Science Blockchain, one of the first tokenized venture funds in the industry, for completing its SCI token upgrade showing everyone that security tokens can improve over time as technology and regulatory changes. Upgrading also entitles you to the fund’s latest portfolio company, VideoCoin, “VID” token distribution. Science Blockchain continues to lead tokenized funds in innovation and application.


| Cadence Helps FAT Brands Acquire Johnny Rockets with $40M (Again!)

The final winner of the month was Herwig’s choice of Cadence, which has now officially joined the 2x winner club for Company of the Week. Last time Cadence won, Kyle chose them for helping FAT Brands issue a $40,000,000 securitization on the Ethereum blockchain that is connected to Bloomberg and rated by Morningstar. Now the issuance platform has done it again, doubling their overall issuance size with FAT brands and increasing their overall bond issuances to over 120. Cadence once again has shown the proof is in the pudding and deserves the recognition for leading the industry in institutional bond offerings.


And that’s it for September’s winners of the Security Token Show! New episodes weekly on Tuesday available via Apple, Spotify, Youtube, Google, and Podbean.

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