Author: Li Qiaochu

Key Milestones 

  • Tokenomica was established in November 2018.
  • In April 2019, Tokenomica launched the first regulated decentralized exchange.
  • In June 2019, Tokenomica launched the security tokens issuance platform Sandbox.
  • In September 2019, Tokenomica launched its marketplace with the smart securities issuance solution.
  • In January 2020, Tokenomica completed the first legally compliant equity token offering in Estonia.
  • Tokenomica has made plans for fiat integration and Smart Securities Trading.

Jurisdiction and License

Tokenomica is regulated by different entities since no single jurisdiction is able to cover all of the services provided by the company. The firm also has two licenses from Malta for its exchange platform. Tokenomica is a licensed VFA (Virtual Financial Assets) Act Class 4 service provider for its digital assets exchange. As for the security tokens exchange, it has received a licence from MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) Category 3.


Tokenomica uses the Waves platform for its embedded compliance, easy adoption, and low transaction fees with no gas. Although the company has considered Ethereum for its wide adaptation, its expensive transaction fees and complex environment for customizable smart-contracts led the team to adopt an alternative blockchain.

Tokenomica utilizes several solutions provided by the Waves platform: Waves Blockchain, Waves Matcher, Oracles, Waves Keepers,Waves Smart Accounts and Smart Assets, RIDE Programming Language, and the Waves Smart Contract Console (an Integrated Development Environment). These tools allow Tokenomica to fully customize its blockchain stack at a low and fixed cost while maintaining a high transaction speed, making Waves a favorable platform for creating a decentralized exchange. Tokenomica has also developed its own KYC procedures and gateways, allowing the transfer of assets between Tokenomica’s platform and other blockchain or bank accounts.



  • The target markets for Tokenomica include: private placement, private equity, and crowd investing in the European market.
  • The current on-going project is headed by Mtehnika, a startup in the household appliances and electronics sector.
  • Upcoming projects will serve the following sectors: dietary supplements, telecommunications, CBD and hemp products, and betting services.
  • Past projects consist of: Karma (loan exchange), Tokenomica (platform), Personalized Protein Co. (supplements), and Planks Clothing (ski wear).

Total Capital Raised on Platform and Ongoing Capital to be Raised

  • Ongoing project (Mtehnika) target is 17.42 BTC or €143,622.72 EUR ($170,535.75)
  • Past projects:
    • Karma: 19,558 KARMA coins raised
    • Tokenomica: 30 BTC  or €24,7341.08 EUR raised ($293,689.58)
    • Personalized Protein Co.: 649 Waves or €875.12 EUR raised ($1,039.11)
    • Planks Clothing: 0.072 BTC or €593.62 EUR raised ($704.86)

Ecosystem Players on the Platform  

  • Blockpass- digital identity application and service platform.
  • Wise Wolves Group- financial services firm that provides services for multi-jurisdictional legal, consulting, fiduciary, payments, investment, and administration.

Key Team Members

  • Artem Tolkachev- As the Founder and CEO of Tokenomica, Tolkachev is an entrepreneur with a legal background. He also founded and led the first Blockchain Lab at Deloitte for the CIS region. He is now a well-respected leader in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


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