Dogecoin Foundation spokesperson and Guardian of Doge Mr. Angel Versetti has announced his plan to hard fork with the full latest upgrade from Syscoin (, one of the oldest and most advanced PoW blockchain).There have been some discussions and negotiations with Syscoin founders and Syscoin foundation regarding the support of the technical assistance in the process of the fork.

The planned fork will be launched under website where the newly forked coins will be named “Dogecoin” with a 1:1 airdrop ratio to existing Syscoin holders. The fork also comes with a plan to reward to the current “pre-Elon” Dogecoin holders. 

"Mr. Versetti claimed with his deep association with the Syscoin Foundation as Shadow Member, the planned fork has already gained substantial support from the biggest holders of Syscoin (SYS) and key members of the Syscoin Community, in particular the DogeTop5, Crypto WSB and Whale Cartel groups."

“The concept is to combine the powerful branding of Doge with the unparalleled technology of Syscoin”. Said Mr Versetti.

Mr. Versetti will temporarily lead the new Dogecoin as a public face with plan to gradually decentralize the project very quickly.

In his press release, Mr Versetti stated that he wants to make Doge great again simply because the true Doge believers are sick of having become an ad website for cybertruck. “We will restore dogecoin to its model of being kind to others. Dogecoin is going to be an advanced, sustainable, and socially conscious cryptocurrency. For example, we hereby announce that 5% of the newly issued coins will be given to qualifying charities for to help animals worldwide to survive the double Covid and financial crisis”.

Mr.Versetti, the Forbes 30 Under 30 in Finance, Founder of Versetti & Co crypto Hedge Fund ($1b+ AUM) Ex Founder of Ambrosus, as well as a Bitcoin miner since 2012, is also the person behind, an initiative created to run a guerilla marketing campaign with WallStreetBets. Mr Versetti disclaims any participation in any WallStreetBets activities related to any US stocks or other financial instruments. 

Prior the plan to fork SYS, Mr. Versetti has launched and exited several groundbreaking startups with up to $600m valuation. As investor he has managed to obtain up to 26,000% ROI, and as an “investopreneur”, he is engaged in deep-tech, life extension and space-tech. His dream is to enable humanity to live forever and build new worlds on other planets.

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